Reference books for ISI M.Sc Mathematics Entrance Exam


Indian Statistical Institute conducts its own entrance examination for the admission to various courses offered there. Entrance examination for Mathematics will contain questions from topics such as Algebra, Coordinate geometry, Differentiation and integration, Real Analysis and Probability and Statistics. The entrance exam will contain multiple choice objective type questions. Candidates can expect degree level questions as well. As it is a national level entrance exam, competition will be higher. Candidates are advised to have a thorough preparation so as to clear the examination. They can refer to textbooks prescribed for graduation and other study materials to have in depth knowledge about the syllabus.

Reference books for Algebra

  • Abstract Algebra by Bhattacharya, Jain & Nagpal
  • Complex numbers from A to Z, by T.Andreescu,  D.Andrica
  • Elementary Linear Algebra by Chatles W.Curtis
  • Elementary Linear Algebra by H.Anton
  • Linear Algebra and its Applications by David C. Lay

Reference books for Differential Equations

  • Differential Equations by G.F.Simmons
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Wylie, C.R. and Burrett, L.C
  • Differential equations and their applications by Ahsan,Z
  • Differential equations and the calculus of variations by Yankosky
  • Partial differential equations – methods and applications by Mcowan, R.C
  • Differential and integral equations by Collins, P.J

Reference books for Real Analysis

  • Methods of Real Analysis by Richard.R Goldberg
  • Mathematical Analysis by Binmore K.G
  • Mathematical Analysis by Apostol T.M
  • Introduction to Real Analysis by R. G. Bartle and D. R. Sherbert
  • Fundamentals of Real Analysis by V.K Krishnan
  • Elementary analysis: the theory of calculus by K. A. Ross
  • A course of Mathematical Analysis by Shanti Narayan
  • Real Analysis by H.L. Royden
  • Principles of Mathematical Analysis by Rudin .W

Reference books for Calculus

  • Integral Calculus by Gorakh Prasad
  • Calculus by Pisknov
  • Calculus by H. Anton, I. Bivens and S. Davis
  • Calculus by M. J. Strauss, G. L. Bradley and K. J. Smith
  • Differential Calculus by Gorakh Prasad
  • A text –Book of Vector Calculus by Shanti Narayan

Reference books for Probability and Statistics

  • Set Theory by Thomas J. Jech
  • Basic Mathematics by Serge A. Lang
  • Data Interpretation and Logical reasoning’ by Arun Sharma
  • Mathematics All Around by Thomas L. Pirnot
  • Matrices and Linear Transformations by Charles G. Cullen
  • Analytic Geometry by Douglas F. Riddle
  • Introduction to Probability Models by Ross, S. M
  • Statistics by Murray & Spiegel
  • Mathematical Statistics by Ray & Sharma

Apart from these books, candidates are advised to refer to books prescribed for under graduation degree programme in Mathematics. It is preferable to practice previous question papers which are available on different web portals.



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