Reference Books for Studying M.Sc in Physics


M.Sc in Physics covers a lot of advance level concepts in the field of Physics. Classical Mechanics, Electronics, Mathematical Methods in Physics, Electrodynamics, and Statistical Mechanics etc are the main topics covered in the course curriculum of M.Sc in Physics. Good Reference books for the different topics covered in M.Sc in Physics are discussed in the article below.

Reference Books on Classical Mechanics

  • Classical Mechanics by H.Goldstein, Narosa
  • Classical Mechanics by P.V.Panat
  • Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems by Marion and Thomtron
  • Classical Mechanics by N.C.Rana and P.S.Joag

Reference Books on Electronics

  • Operational Amplifiers by G.B.Clayton
  • Linear Integrated circuits by D.Roy Choudhury
  • Power Electronics by P.C.Sen
  • Integrated circuits by Botkar
  • Digital Principles and Applications by Leach and Malvino

Reference Books on Mathematical Methods in Physics

  • Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics by Byron, Fuller Dover
  • Mathematics for Physical Sciences by Mary Boas
  • Mathematical Methods in Physics by Butkov
  • Mathematical methods for Physicists by Arfken & Weber

Reference Books on Quantum Mechanics – I

  • Quantum mechanics by A.Ghatak and S.Lokanathan
  • Quantum Mechanics by L.I.Schiff
  • Quantum Physics by R. Eisberg and R.Resnick
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by David J.Griffiths

Reference Books on Electrodynamics

  • Introduction to Electrodynamics, by A.Z.Capri and P.V.Panat Narosa
  • Classical Electrodynamics, by J.D.Jackson
  • Electromagnetic theory and Electrodynamics by Satya Prakash
  • Electromagnetism by B.B.Laud

Reference Books on Atoms, Molecules and Solids

  • Atomic spectra & atomic structure by Gerhard Hertzberg
  • Molecular structure & spectroscopy, by G.Aruldhas
  • Solid State Physics by Charles Kittel
  • Quantum Physics of atoms, molecules, solids nuclei & particles by Robert Eisberg

Reference Books on Statistical Mechanics

  • Fundamentals of Statistical Mechanics by B.B.Laud
  • Statistical Mechanics by K.Huang
  • Statistical Mechanics by Loknathan and Gambhir
  • Statistical Mechanics by Satya Prakash

Reference Books on Molecular spectroscopy

  • Fundamental of Molecular spectroscopy by Ban well C.N
  • Spectroscopy by B.P. Straughen and S. Walkar

Reference Books on Nuclear Physics

  • Nuclear Physics by R.R ROY and B.P. Nigam
  • Concepts of Nuclear Physics by B.L.Cohen
  • Introduction to Atomics and Nuclear Physics by H.Semat
  • Introduction Nuclear Physics by K.S.Krane

Reference Books on Digital Signal Processing

  • Digital Signal Processing: Principles, Algorithms, and Applications by John G. Proakis
  • Digital Signal Processing by Emmanuel, Barry Jervis
  • Modern Digital Signal Processing by Roberto Cristi
  • Digital Signal Processing by Sanjit Mitra

Reference Books on Communication Electronics

  • Electronic Communication by Dennis Rooddy
  • Electronic Communication systems by Sanjeevan Gupta
  • Optical Fiber Communication and Sensors by M. Arumugam

Aspirants are advised to go through these reference books for developing  a strong fundamental knowledge regarding the topics covered in the course curriculum of M.Sc in Physics. They have options to go through various online books as well if you can find these books in nearby book stores or college libraries.



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