B.Com course structure and fee details


The total duration of B.Com course is three years. In the first year, the topics covered are the basic concepts of commerce like Principles and Practice of Management and Business Communication, Business Mathematics and Statistics etc. In the second year, candidates can study core areas in commerce like Principles of Marketing and E-Commerce, Direct and Indirect Taxation etc. Elective courses in third year includes Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Taxation and Computer Application and E-Business. Candidates can choose any of these Elective subjects according to their aptitude and interest.

Some of the top colleges which offer B.Com course are St. Xavier’s College, Lady Sreeram college, Stella Mary college and so on. Annual Fees specified by these institutions for B.Com course is in the range of Rs. 2, 000/- to Rs. 6000/-.

Course structure of B.Com

1st year

  • Major English Language
  • Communicative English
  • Financial Accounting – I
  • Business Regulatory Framework
  • Principles and Practice of Management and Business Communication
  • Economics – I
  • Business Mathematics and Statistics

2nd year

  • Information Technology and its application in Business
  • Principles of Marketing and E-Commerce
  • Financial Accounting – II
  • Direct and Indirect Taxation
  • Cost and Management Accounting – I
  • Auditing

3rd year (Elective Group – Accounting and Finance)

  • Financial Accounting – III
  • Cost and Management Accounting – II
  • Financial Management
  • Environmental Studies

3rd year (Elective Group – Marketing)

  • Consumer Behavior and Sales Management
  • Product and Price Management + Rural Marketing
  • Retail Management and Marketing Services
  • Environmental Studies

3rd year (Elective Group – Taxation)

  • Direct Tax: Laws and Practices
  • Indirect Tax: Laws and Practices
  • Tax Planning and Procedures
  • Environmental Studies

3rd year (Elective Group – Computer Application and E-Business)

  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • Data Communications and Networking and Functional e-Business
  • Computer Applications and e-Business Applications
  • Environmental Studies

Fee structure of top institutes

St. Xavier’s College

  • First Year B.Com – Rs. 4,790/-
  • Second Year B.Com – Rs. 3, 430/-
  • Third Year B.Com – Rs. 3, 690/-

Total fees prescribed for each year includes tuition fees and fees for infrastructure facilities. This fee structure is fixed by Mumbai University for the academic year 2011 -2012.

Gauhati Commerce College

Annual fee structure specified for B.Com course during the academic year 2011- 2012 is

  • Admission Fees – Rs. 200/-
  • College Examination Fees – Rs. 6 00/-
  • Tuition Fees – Rs. 840/-
  • Other Fees – Rs. 4, 480/-

Other Fees includes Library Fees, Magazine Fees, Students’ Union Fees, Students Welfare Fund and fees for extracurricular activities.

Arya Vidyapeeth College

Annual Fee structure prescribed by the institution during the academic year 2011 -2012 includes admission fee, tuition fee and other fees for the infrastructure facilities.

  • Admission Fees – Rs. 200/-
  • Tuition Fees – Rs. 600/-
  • Other Fees – Rs. 2, 410/-

Lalit Chandra Bharali College

Both Gauhati University and institution decides the fee for each academic year which includes the admission and tuition fees. Specified annual fee structure for the current academic year is

  • Admission Fees – Rs. 500/-
  • Tuition Fees – Rs. 2400/-
  • Internal Examination Fees – Rs. 200/-
  • Other Fees – Rs.2, 470/-

Other fees like library fees, magazine fees etc. are fixed by the institution itself. These are only some representative samples of fee structure of some of the universities. It could now vary from one university to other, still these figures will hold good on an average.



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