Salaries after LLB


A job in legal services is considered to be the fast growing and highly paid profession in the world. This profession is one of the most adventurous and exciting job. Lawyers are always seen in high esteem in the society always. Apart from the challenges faced by one in this profession, they also receive many financial and social gains.

A lawyer requires numerous qualities such as dedication and hard work to perform in this field. Since their jobs are very risky, they need intensive training in this profession. The profession demands a lot of hard work, responsibility, alertness of mind and above all the most important quality is honesty towards the society.

To become a successful lawyer with commitments, one needs a deep knowledge in law and experience in more than one area. To be eligible for practicing as a lawyer, candidates require the minimum educational qualification of graduation in law. Various universities in the country offer this branch of study at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

After pursuing the graduation and relevant experience in this field, one can find employment in government or private organizations or can practice as private lawyer.

Salaries after LLB in Government Organizations

The professions in this field have numerous opportunities in the government organizations. They are appointed in many central services through the UPSC recruitments depending on their level of experience in the field. Various designations include Law officers, Assistant advisors, Legal advisors and Dy. Legal Advisors. They are also posted in various state legal services through state PSC examinations. They can get into the senior positions in the State Revenue or police or Judicial departments. In judiciary section they can perform as

  • Magistrate
  • District/ sessions judge
  • Munsifs
  • Public prosecutor
  • Attorney general
  • Advocate general
  • Solicitors
  • Notary and oath commissioner

The remuneration for these professionals in government judiciary ranges from Rs.9, 000/- to Rs.12, 000/-. A sub judge can expect more than Rs.15, 000/- per month with other allowances. They will also receive other benefits like health insurance, life insurance and retirement plans.

Salaries after LLB in Private Organizations

The professionals in this field have plenty of opportunities in private organizations. They can work as legal counsel or legal advisors for particulars firms, organizations or work as family advocates. Other areas of their work include law reporters, trustees in various trusts, company secretary and many. Another major opportunity is in the defence services. For the entry level jobs in private sectors, these professionals may receive a salary that ranges from Rs.6000/- to Rs.10, 000/- per month. However job opportunities will increase if they have additional qualifications apart from a degree in law.

Remuneration after LLB for Private Practice in India and Abroad

These professionals can seek for jobs in abroad also. But it is better to pursue the master’s degree and gain experience in this field before searching for an employment in overseas. The pay packages for such persons will be fairly good as compared to their equivalent in India. In most of the foreign countries an Attorney/ a lawyer with relevant experience can expect a yearly salary that ranges from $99, 159 to $149, 703.



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    Sir I want to do LLB after B.A. I want to know what are job opportunities and what amount of salary is paid to each career options? for ex. what salary is paid to a taxation lawyer and a legal adviser of a corporate sector or an Industry or a company organization?

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    Mubarak Ali:

    i have Lb,
    please tell me sir/madam
    what and where is job after lb.

    i waiting your answer

    Mubarak Ali