Salaries after B.A.M.S


The Ayurveda Education in our country is controlled by the prestigious Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM). This Statutory Central Government body currently has around 154 recognized graduate level colleges in addition to 33 Post-graduate colleges in Ayurvedic education. Upon the completion of their studies in Ayurveda, students have the option to go for advanced studies or take up jobs. As Ayurveda has become very much popular amongst Indians as well as foreigners, people who have taken this field of study gets the opportunity to work with leading forms within then nation and overseas. This new movement ascertains that Ayurveda becomes a part of the global medicine that takes in the best developments from across the globe. This article deals with the salaries a person will receive after the completion of graduate level education in Ayurveda.

Salaries after B.A.M.S in Government Organizations

One cannot expect very good salaries during the initial stage of practice. But with more experience as well as skill in the area, one can expect salary hikes. Numerous departmental exams are available for candidates. They can appear for these tests and get promotion. One they are promoted their salaries will increase automatically. Freshers in the field of Ayurveda will have a remuneration of around Rs.15000-Rs.20000.

Salaries after B.A.M.S in Private Institutions

Those who are employed with private firms shall receive a salary in between Rs.20000-Rs 25000. In private sector institutions, the salary of a person will depend upon his skill as well as experience in the field he has specialized. The salary factor is also depended on the potential of an employee. A practitioner of Ayurveda who is well experienced can make as much as Rs. 20,000-50,000 a month. Those who have their private practices can earn more. A few places where Ayurveda practitioners can get employment include:

  • Educational Institutes
  • Health Centres
  • Herbal Product Manufactures
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Tourism
  • Pancha Karma (Massage) Centres
  • Private Practice

Remuneration after B.A.M.S in Private Practice in India and Abroad

Jobs for Ayurveda doctors can be got in India as well as in foreign nations. Those who work abroad have a chance to get much higher salaries when opposed to their Indian counterparts. With increase in knowledge about the good effects of Ayurvedic medicine, practitioners of Ayurveda have a chance to get good lucrative jobs where ever they go. Developed nations such as UK & Australia offer Indian Ayurvedic practitioners with very handsome salaries. But, there’s one thing everyone must keep in mind. Success is not something you will achieve overnight. Only with dedication to the work and sincerity to the patients will one be able to shine in this field.



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    Sagar chirade:

    can i get admission after doing h.s.s.c

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    Myself hemal gohil completed 6months internship of b.a.m.s at gulabkunverba ayurveda hospital jamnagar,gujarat . Im asking for coursercruch courses like biotechnology,clinical reasearch, hospital management, clinical psychologistp,etc could be opt for bettereprospectus

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    Dr. Md. Rokonuzzaman:

    after complete BAMS from Bangladesh can i get job in Australia????

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    how many salery in bams goverment

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    Dear ..i want to know about jobs related with in field of medical officer ..after b.a.m.s

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    Its all rubbish!
    Freshers don’t get a private or govt job- there has been no new opening in govt (both central and state) for the past 5 years. You can get a teaching job after MD/MS- so after investing 8-10lac is it worth getting 25K salary? Better opt for 3-4 years bachelors and start on 20 salary without wasting time.
    Please be well aware ayurveda is not recognized/accepted by any nation other then INDIA.

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    after mbbs any course in PG In medicine in ayurvedic college if present then pls send fee,college name,procedure of admission