Difference between BA LLB and LLB


Although BA LLB and LLB are Law programs, the area of study and the scope of these courses vary to a larger extent. The Bar Council of India is the body that approves both the programs in India. BA LLB is a 5 year integrated program that amalgamates Arts subjects along with the Law curriculum. On the other hand, LLB is an undergraduate program that deals with the study of the law principles, legal system, and constitutional amendments and so on.

BA LLB Course and Career Opportunities

Many law institutes across the world offer the BA LLB Course. Intermediates in any discipline can pursue the program. Candidates must study the Bachelors’ program from a recognized University. Then only they can become a certified lawyer or can go for higher studies in institutes of repute. The BA LLB Course curriculum comprises theory and practical sessions. In addition to the arts and law subjects, BA LLB students may have to undergo research projects and training sessions that may include court attendance. These professionals are actually gaining a dual degree that is Bachelors’ in Arts and Law within a period of 5 years. They can either work in the legal system or look out for career in Arts streams. Most of them work as legal counselors for firms, organizations and families.

LLB Course and Career Opportunities

Bachelor of Law is a graduation program, which has ample scope. Candidates who have finished their 12th in any disciplines can pursue the 5-year graduation course. However, those who have got a Bachelors’ degree in any stream can complete the LLB program within 3 years. On completion of the course, they can look out for employments in private or public sector organizations or in Courts. They can work as Lawyers, Public Prosecutors or as legal advisors in Tax, Defense and Labor departments. These professionals can also can work in legal consultancy firms and work in the area of patent, labor laws, tax, excise, and environmental laws. Non-profit organizations like NGO and international agencies like UNO, ICJ and ILO are also in need of lawyers to a greater extent.

Key differentiators between BA LLB and LLB

  • BA LLB is integrated course in Law with Arts whereas LLB is Bachelor of Laws program.
  • BA LLB includes Arts subjects along with Law syllabus whereas LLB is solely the study of the law and related subjects.
  • As BA LLB is an integrated program, by studying the same, aspirants may get a dual degree whereas by studying the Bachelor of Laws they will be getting only a single degree.

Both BA LLB and LLB courses help aspirants to gain more knowledge about the legal system, which in turn helps them to protect the law and order of the country.



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    Me shifali i have passed my 12th exam in 2011, havent done anything due to some problem. I want to know that can i do llb now??
    Is it possible for me?
    And if yes what should i do and how??

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    is it possible to do LLB after completing b.com? ise it compulsory to give an enterance exam for joining? can i join and complete my course from outside india since i am a resident of india?

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    Syed Mowsam:

    Sir,I am from general caste.. Now I’m 20+. I passed my H.S exam in 2010 with 77.4% with arts.. Now I want to pursue B.A L.L.B degree from a govt. College.. Am I aligible for this?? If yes then give me some suggessions

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    Pls inform me abt full details to study LLB after b.com.

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    I just want tio know that after the doing the graduation in llb what eligibility criteria for the Do practice in the court?

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    kanika chauhan:

    tell me the date of enterance exam

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    i am from Manglore,Karnataka.Can you pls tell me what is the marks require for LLB.Is LLB is easy or Thaugh? How many marks eligible for LLB? In LLB, BA LLB which was easier? Is it necessary to give entrance exam?

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    what is the scope for an ex-service man after LLB?

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    Hello Sir, i want to persue LLB course and my graduation percentage is below 42 percent. Am i eligible for LLB course,if yes then what are the names of collages from which i can get LLB degree..

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