University of Pune, B.Tech, 1st Semester-Applied Science-I Papers


B. Tech is a graduation course of 4 years in which there are eight semester. Engineering offers a great opportunity in the field of technical knowledge.  It increases the job opportunities for a candidate. Applied science is a good conceptual subject of engineering.

Paper pattern

Applied Science paper in the 1st semester of B. Tech course is a subjective paper. Questions asked in the paper are conceptual. Total number of questions in this paper are 6 and 3 from it has to be solved. Each question has its alternative. Questions are further divided into two or three sub-questions. Questions in the paper are theoretical as well as numerical. Diagram is to be drawn wherever needed. Questions in the paper are to be solved within the word limits.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions asked in this paper are conceptual. Questions in the Chemistry paper are from Bragg’s law, Luminescence, structural property, organic chemistry etc. Numerical questions are asked in the paper from the physical chemistry section containing problem on the crystal structure. In physics paper, questions on electron and its properties, electric field, magnostastics, numerical questions on optical lenses are asked. Questions in short notes section is from Huygens’s theory and polymers are asked.

Total marks and time allotted:

A maximum mark which is allotted to the each paper of Applied Science is 50 and time allotted for the each paper is 2 hours. In each paper, 6 questions are asked from which 3 are to be attempted. Each question contains 2-3 sub-questions of 4-5 marks.

Recommended Books:

Engineering Chemistry by Tata Mcgrew Hills
Engineering Physics by Tata Mcgrew Hills

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