University of Pune-B.Tech 1st Semester-Engineering Mathematics-I Papers


Engineering is one of the prestigious branches of technical knowledge which is very popular and provides a great future prospectus. Mathematics is the basic subject in engineering and it is necessary for every department of engineering. So, the paper of this subject is vital for the students.

Paper Pattern:

Questions asked in this paper are of subjective type. Total questions asked in this paper are 12. Each question in this paper has its alternative, and one question from the 2 is to be solved. Each question contains its sub-questions for the ease of students.  The question paper has two sections and each carries equal number of questions. Each section is of equal marks. The questions in this paper are to be solved showing all the steps. Questions asked are generally long answer type. The paper is to be solved within the given time.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions in the paper generally follow a same pattern every year. Questions are asked from every unit of the syllabus. Questions on matrices, rank of a matrices, complex number and its applications, infinite sequences, infinite series, differential calculus, Leibnitz theorem, expansion of functions, partial differentiation and its applications, Jacobian, Maxima and Minima, functions of two variables etc are some of the common questions. Candidates appearing in the paper should strictly follow the steps while solving a question.

Total marks and time allotted:

Maximum marks allotted to this paper are 100 and time allotted for this paper is 3 hours. Question paper is divided into two sections; each section is of 50 marks. Both sections contain 2 questions of 17 marks each and 1 question is of 16 marks.

Recommended Books:

  • Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.V. Ramana
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig
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    Are there are some marks for the steps in engineering maths 1 examples, if the final answer is wrong?