Scope after B.Sc in Statistics


After the successful completion of B.Sc in Statistics from a renowned university, have lot of options ahead. There are plenty of job opportunities available for a B.Sc in Statistics graduate in government, private and aided organizations. Students who want to go for higher education can also pursue any of the varied courses available for higher studies. Students can even go up to M.Phil or PhD courses if they prefer.

Higher studies options after B.Sc in Statistics

  • M.Sc Actuarial science
  • M.Sc. in Library and Information Science
  • M.Sc. in Quantitative Economics
  • MCA
  • Masters in Math
  • Masters in Statistics
  • MBA
  • P.G. Diploma in Stat. Methods with Applications
  • Specialist Development Program in SQC
  • JRF & SRF Rules
  • Junior/Senior Research Fellowship

Other certification courses after B.Sc in Statistics

  • Certificate/Diploma course in Computer Programming & Applications#
  • Part-time Certificate/Diploma course in SQC
  • Intensive course in Programming and Application of Electronic Computers *
  • Part-time course in Statistical Methods and Applications**
  • Part-time course in SQC

Career scope after B.Sc in Statistics

Students with a degree in B.Sc. Statistics are eligible to apply for various jobs in Banking, IT,  Quality control etc. They can even take up Actuarial Science as a specialization and join in various financial and share trading companies. Candidates with good flair and knowledge in Statistics are in huge demand in the present scenario.

Some of the leading Colleges that offer B.Sc. Statistics Degrees also offer placement services and can submit an application for jobs after their graduation. A student with Masters or Ph.D. in Statistics can apply for jobs such as a business analyst, statistics lecturer, professor etc. They can also go for jobs like software engineer, investigative officer, statistics analyst, researcher etc.

Jobs in Government Sector after B.Sc in Statistics

In the government sector, UPSC carries out entrance exam as to recruit candidates to the Indian Statistical Services. For this a Masters in Statistics or math’s is required to apply for the post. The SSC also carries out a recruitment process as to appoint eligible candidates in to the Statistical Investigators post. The Private sector also require qualified Statisticians in the Insurance, IT and software fields. Some of the most renowned global Statistical organizations are Euro-stat, IAOS, OECD, PARIS21 and UNESCO.



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  1. 44
    shubham jain:

    sir maina abhi bsc 1year me physic chemistry maths lay rakhi h kya me 2year me chemistry ki jegha static lle sakta hu?.

  2. 43
    Sohan Rajput:

    Can i make career in meteorology department after Msc with statistics.

  3. 42

    I am studying statistics 2nd year.finish my course after what can i do for?

  4. 41
    Sujeet singh:

    Please tell me about scope in statistics

  5. 40
    haji khan lashari:

    my question is that where is use statistics only for job please send me deatails

  6. 39

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    Iam pursuing bsc hons statistics and Iam in 2nd year from DU .I wanted to work in an reputed company after my completion of my undergraduation degree in the respected course but I wanted to train for the respected jobs before copletion my undergraduate degree so please suggest me for my education as well as for my job purposes.
    Please also suggest me for my future goals.

  7. 38

    which is the better course in statistic or b.teth. in electronics

  8. 37

    Dear Sir/madam,
    My percentage in degree in Bsc stat is 70% .I have doubt with this percentage i am elgible for the posts and please tell me the suitable jobs for me and it is either private sector r gov sector please tell me ?
    or tell me after completing statistics what i wont to study.
    But i wanted to settled quickly.

  9. 36
    gayathri janarthanan:

    I have completed U.G degree in statistics before 3 years.Now am an housewife.I would like to earn from home,by using my degree.what shall I do?please give me a solution.

  10. 35
    shanthi priya:

    after completing statistics what i wont to study.

  11. 34
    anns eldho:

    can i go for msc maths after completing bsc in maths ?

  12. 33
    Hari bhattarai:

    I have finished ISC(maths). Iam confused which subject to choose in bsc. How is the future in bsc statistics?

  13. 32

    i m a bsc student in statistics. what r the best options after bsc?

  14. 31
    Ashish Nandivadekar:

    I have just pass B.Sc (Statiscs). What is better option, M.Sc. or MBA and why? and further scope in both field

  15. 30

    Sir/ma I am a nigerian having completed in major statistics from university of ilorin.Sir whom should i contacted to get job, so that i can further my education thank you sir.

  16. 29

    Dear Sir/Madam.

    I am an Ethiopian citizen who completed my bachelor degree in major Statistics and minor Economics with distinction from Dilla University, Ethiopia. Currently I am working as a junior research officer in Economic Modeling and Policy Analysis Directorate in a higher hierarchy institution called National Bank of Ethiopia which is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am looking forward for any chance that I can peruse my Masters level education in the field statistics or if possible economics.

    Thanking You.

  17. 28

    I have completed Msc statistics, what kind of job i will get and whom should i contact related statistics group.

  18. 27
    M Lalit:

    I am completing my Stat Honours from Delhi University this year. Please advise opportunities available to me. Should I plam for a MBA course abroad or attempt MSc Stat prior opting for MBA or looking for jobs

  19. 26

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have completed my BSc(MSCs) in Osmania University.i want to know about the job oppertunities in government sectors,posts and about the salleries related to stats. or any private sectors based on BSc qualification.

    Thanks & Regards,

  20. 25

    i am study statistics after i study mba which department i study mba?

  21. 24
    Ankit singh:

    I have comleted my bachelor degree in statistics and mathematics,now i am confused from where i go for master degree. Please tell me about some universities for higher education in statistics.

  22. 23

    after Msc in stat for ISS post give syllabus

  23. 22

    I’ll going to complete my graduation with honors in statistics
    this year from Calcutta University.sir/maam,i want to know about the job oppertunities in government sectors,posts and about the salleries related to stats.what is the difference if i opt for a job now and after finishing in statistics….what are the eligibility criterion for different jobs??
    please mail me your solutions of my queries to my mail-ID.
    Thank you.

  24. 21

    What are the possibilities of getting a good job in any government sector after the completion of Bsc with statistics honours?

  25. 20

    is it better to go to job r to continue in further studies if which will be better

  26. 19

    Hello sir
    i have completed statistics . i want gov. job please give me suggesition

  27. 18

    I have in startistics since 2007 in Nigeria, I have applied in the Nigeria navy, the army and the airfor but I was not shortlisted in any. Am thinking weather to go for programming or data base admin in any of the I.T iinstitute. pls respond to my question becouse I am depress right now. thanks. Ebohon.

  28. 17

    hello sir,
    i m studying bsc
    i need to know abt acturial sci, career , entrance exams,syllabus

  29. 16

    Dis year i will complete bsc in statistics nd vs. .. Next better to do msc in statistics? ???

  30. 15
    prosenji sheel:

    sir/mam, m having statistics honours(with maths n physics) n into my final year.wl i b able to join indian army? plz rply

  31. 14

    tell me about indian statical service

  32. 13

    I complete B.Sc.(stat) with first class in shivaji unversity .
    I want the job related with statistics in Kolhapur district,
    please give me some idea.

  33. 12

    if i finished my statistics how much salary i will get..

  34. 11

    streams in msc to choose

  35. 10

    what is the options after inter(mec)

  36. 9

    I m a housewife, aged 33 with first class in Msc Statestics.
    Due to long gap i m very poor in english , general knowledge & current affairs. Till date i have not check/try for any private job & now i feel very backward for that jobs.
    Is there any chance for government jobs for candidates like me.

  37. 8
    bhavana hiremath:

    i m graduate in statistics,willing to do career in software please let me know career prospects after doing M Sc stats and along with that if i perused course in software testing or development.

  38. 7

    wherre should we statistics i mean is india is betterr to do nor other country and i need government job after statistics in india…name the entrance examination for goverment job after onlycompletion of statistics

  39. 6
    B R Manjunath:

    Which is the current present best position in statistics both in Bsc & Msc and also if we went to work after Bsc in statistics or Msc in statistics on which part of the subject we should be master?
    Will Msc need mathematical background like integration, differentiation, trigonometry etc
    I request you to kindly send a reply to my email id.

    B R Manjunath

  40. 5

    what is the job for statistics

  41. 4
    munaga.uday kiran:

    i am studying BSC(statistics, year. I need to know about actuarial science - Entrance exam, career , syllabus . Please sir , send me details about these information as earlier as possible .

  42. 3

    how many options are there in Msc stat?

  43. 2
    Swapnil Bandu chavan:

    How to join indian navy after complition of statistics.
    plese post about my qualification.

  44. 1
    iti singh:

    more information about scope and job opportunities after doing in statistics