Part Time Apprenticeship


The concept of apprenticeship is one of the most common aspects in every organization. Any individual who get employed in a particular firm may have to be given training in that particular job or service where they get involved. The apprenticeship option is primarily concerned with this. The concept of apprenticeship is primarily concerned with giving practical training to individuals regarding the particular job area where they are employed or they get involved.

Any individual who gets employed in an organization in an area is where they have their specialisation. The candidates will be taught the technical aspects concerning the job. In majority of the job area, the candidates will have to undergo training in the practical areas involving the job. Hence the importance of the practical aspects of a job is something which requires primary focus or which is quite significant.

Significance of Part time apprenticeship

The significance of the part time apprenticeship jobs cannot be ignored. The individual learns a particular trade while being in a job. The candidates get the on the job training while doing the apprenticeship and focus on learning the necessary skills and qualities necessary for completing the job on a whole. Majority of the training programs are undertaken while they are working under a particular organization for a particular job. After the completion of the training period, the candidates work in the particular organization for a stipulated period where in they acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills for a job and become efficient in that job area.

In majority of the organizations, the candidates who get selected for any particular job will be appointed in any particular positions under a probation period. Probation period is same as apprenticeship. Usually the probation period will be for a period of 1 year in most of the organizations. Again the probation period may differ according to the type of job and the type of organizations that one individual may get employed.

Another important fact is that the job will not be guaranteed during the period of apprenticeship. The individuals will be appointed in the particular job only if they complete the probation period in all ways. During the period of probation, the candidate’s performance will be closely monitored and the final decision whether they can be appointed or not will be taken only on the basis of it.

The candidates who join as apprentices should have knowledge and skills in all the related fields of the job. They should be multi taskers. They should be professional in their attitude towards working in any organization and should master all the skills and knowledge necessary to perform job more effectively and efficiently. Apprenticeship is mainly involved in the following areas namely-

  • Practical analysis
  • Critical apprenticeship
  • Research related study
  • Technical education

Significance of part time apprenticeship

The significance of the concept of apprenticeship cannot be ignored in the present times. This is a compulsory affair in every job area and also part of every professional course also. This is most common practice when the individuals involve in any courses such as post graduation, diploma courses etc. The apprenticeship helps the individuals in giving a wide view regarding the job area involved in any organization.



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    Nikkil kumar:

    dear sir/madam,
    i am doing my bachelors degree in mechanical engg.. May i knw what are the companies providing this opportunity? How to apply for this ? Plz send the details..

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    I have cleared the Apprentice Trainee interview for isro Bangalore i got the attestation copies to fill for verification..i called them they told 5000 per month stipend and free company bus facility and also canteen facility for low cost in isro campus and told apply for accommodation in isro quarters if the house is vacant u will be provided….so now my question is it worth doing 1year training there??? will i be able to get better job after training. will that training help to build my career?? which companies will i be able to apply after this training?? plz plz reply….

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    i m doing from electronocs & comm.

    can i do part time apprenticeship…..plz tell me

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    Ajay kumar pandey:

    i m doing from stream EEE.
    CAN I do this“Part Time Apprenticeship”

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    Hello Sir,
    I have completed MBA (finance)through corres but i need some experience to go for any job,pls help in finding Part Time Apprenticeship in Chennai?
    Thank u

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    Good morning Sir,
    I am a final year student ,plz send me the details of which organisation ,proiding part time apprenticeship in hyderabad,and details of joining ,eligibility criteria atc.
    thank u.