Farming as a great dependent of the bio chemistry course


No doubt farming is viewed amongst the best and paramount sources of self-employment ever since the early age. Farmers engage themselves in the fertile landmasses for satisfying the hunger of people all over the land. And hence farming is proved as an indispensable need for the mass all throughout the length and breadth of the globe. This vital career needs to be supported through approaches of green revolution. And technically this support is well rendered through bio chemistry course.

Various Biochemistry courses offered in India

  • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Agricultural Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Biochemistry
  • Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery in Biochemistry
  • Doctor of Medicine in Biochemistry
  • Master of Philosophy in Biochemistry
  • Master of Science in Advanced Biochemistry
  • Master of Science in Biochemistry
  • Master of Science in Medical Biochemistry
  • Master of Science in Plant Biochemistry
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Biochemistry
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Biochemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology in Biochemical Engineering
  • Master of Technology in Biochemical Engineering

General outlook of Biochemistry courses

Biochemistry is a branch of science which mainly deals with the study of chemical processes in living organisms. The biochemistry course forms the basic foundation of various medical careers. The various courses in biochemistry mainly deals with several areas such as bioinformatics, cell biology, , genetics, plant biology, molecular biology, bio-organic chemistry, human physiology, microbiology, immunology, enzymology and so on. The main objective of the different biochemistry courses are to make a healthier perceptive of health and several diseases in living organisms, to find out new ways of utilizing molecular systems and their biological functions and to add up towards the technology revolution.

Impact of Biochemistry course on Farming

Bio chemistry courses help in studying various aspects such as the fertility of the land, protection of the grains, determination of mineral content of the land and a lot of such significant applications. Enhancing the fertility of the landmass and sometimes futility to fertility conversion of it is just a child’s play with the applications of biochemistry. The hard labored grain productions of the farmers are rendered a protection shield with the biochemistry application. Moreover, a great diversity of insecticides and pesticides, which act as demons to the harmful insects and pests, are the beneficial gift to the farmers. Biochemistry also helps in determining the mineral and inorganic content of the land and thereby suggesting the farmers the particular crop or grain whose production is compatible in that particular land. Hence biochemistry course proves its great significance in enhancing the farming sector. This particular course has initiated a new life and new hope for the students who always wanted to excel in the professional arena of farming.



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