Test Structure for NCAT 2013


National Creativity Aptitude Test or NCAT is an initiative of IFEHE to identify talented students with creative skills. NCAT is conducted in two rounds. First round is a written test comprising of questions in mathematics, English language and Logical Reasoning . Second round includes written test, subjective type questions and an activity test.

Overview of NCAT 2013

NCAT is presented by International Forum for Excellence in Higher Education (IFEHE). The test is open to students of engineering, science and management (both graduate and post graduate) and is meant to measure the creative quotient of the student. The creative thinking, logical reasoning ability and achievement motivation of the students are evaluated through a set of questions designed by experts of IIM’s and IIT’s. Interested students can participate in the test by paying an application fee of Rs. 250/-. Winners in first place will be offered with cash prize of Rs. 25,000/-. Second prize and third prize amounts to Rs. 15,000/- and Rs. 10,000/- respectively.

Test Structure for NCAT 2013

NCAT is conducted in two stages, Round I and Round II. Round-I is conducted in the concerned college and best performing two students will be selected to participate in second round. Round II is conducted in Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Test Structure for NCAT 2013 (Round I)

Round-I is conducted as a single paper test comprising of three sections, Section A, Section B and Section C. There will be a total of 100 (objective model) questions for the test and students are requested to complete it within 2 hours.

Section A includes a total of 60 questions from the following topics.

  • Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Pattern Recognition

There will be 20 questions from each of these sections.

In Section B, there will be questions on mathematics of 20 numbers. Section C also includes 20 questions based on English language.

There is cut off marks for Section B & Section C and students needs to achieve the same to move to the next round.

Test Structure for NCAT 2013 (Round II)

Round II also includes three sections. Section A, of Round II is quite that same as that of the section in Round I. In Section B there will be subjective type questions on creativity. Section C is conducted as an activity to analyze the Achievement Motivation of the candidate. Winners will be offered with cash prize and certificates. Top 10 students will be offered with the opportunity to undergo 1 week IIT Certificate Course in Creativity conducted at IIT, Delhi.



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    Saurabh sinha:

    Is maths in ncat is from quantitative aptitude or 12th maths?