TNOU MBA-Human Resource Development (MSP-50) Papers


Human Resource Development papers hold the general information regarding the general public relations and the static and exponential growth of the human resources. The students need to understand properly the valuation of different concept that works for the development of the humanity. The paper is coded as MSP-50. Likewise all the papers under the course of Mater in Business Administration has the similar coding.

Importance of the subject:

The implementation and concept that works behind the growth and development of the different human resources are the basic knowledge of the papers. The principles regarding the human resources and its development which is proposed for the benefits of mankind are also under the syllabus of this paper.

Paper pattern:

The format is followed by the two groups A and B respectively for the TNOU MBA-Human Resource Development Papers. Amongst all the questions of first group, only three questions are mandatory for all the students to answer and from the second group all the students need to attempt only four questions. There are different scores allotted for the questions included in the Group A and B respectively.

Frequently asked questions:

The most number of questions that are asked from the MBA-Human Resource Development paper are revised but few questions are repeated in most of the times are stages for the development of human resources, strategic management and training needs etc.

Marks and time:

TNOU MBA-Human Resource Development (MSP-50) Papers contains a total of 75 marks and the time limit fixed by the Open University is three hours to answer the compulsory questions.

Books recommended:

Human resource development by werner & desimone

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