TNOU MBA-Services Marketing (MSP-42) Papers


The Tamilnadu Open University is one of the foremost institutes of the south imparting education in the various fields of science and commerce. The field of management especially has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years since globalization was introduced in the Indian markets. The paper is based on the entire syllabus.

Importance of the paper

Management is a branch of studies that involves managing the available resources and maximizing their outputs. The people who have a better sense of how leading a particular group of people in a certain way might maximize the potential of the industry can be good at this subject toothed area of interest in the paper of marketing research and consumer research specifically is the ability of the candidate taking the exam in predicting the consumption patterns based on the observation of current trends of the market. As it is the tertiary industry involved it mainly focuses on the living standard of the people and accordingly provides services.

Format and Paper Pattern

The University has set 75 marks for Services Marketing paper. This paper has two parts, Part A and Part B. In Part A there are 5 questions, but you should answer only 3 and in part b there are 7 questions, bu you answer only 4 questions.


Part A has less marks as compared to Part B. Part A has been allotted 15 marks as it contains short questions of 5 marks each and Part B is of 60 marks with weightage being 15 for each question.

Some questions from the question paper

below are some questions from previous year’s papers

Explain the characteristics of services.

Explain the 7P’s of service marketing.

Write in detail the factors involved in Design and Development of service marketing system in an organization.

How can the various gaps of service quality be closed?

Write a note on the marketing management of financial services.

What are the steps involved in preparing Blue Print?

Explain in detail the impact of technology in services.

Time allotted

Don’t expect more than 3 hours for Services Marketing paper.

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