U.P Board Intermediate, Home Management Nutrition Papers


Home management Nutrition paper is an offbeat paper introduced in the intermediate level of UP board so that students can be made aware of the fact that home management of their diet and nutrition is very important for they present day life. The subject has prime objective of teaching the unaware students about the right proportion and amount of nutrition required for a healthy life.

Paper Description:

The paper has the main objective to make the unaware students aware of the daily requirement of the nutrition and diet of a healthy body. The paper also deals with the importance of management of nutrition at home, because the main source of diet lies at home and requires perfect management in order to lead a healthy life. The paper includes teaching of topics like cooking and it’s various advantages, ways to preserve food, different types of diet and the nutrition they have, different types of minerals required by the body, and it’s various effects on the human body.

Frequently asked question:

The questions that are generally asked in the paper is about the nutrition in the food products, the ways of cooking to provide maximum  nutrition to the body, minerals and its function in the body.

Paper pattern:

The U.P Board Intermediate Home Management Nutrition Paper has all together 22 questions in it. The paper has questions of various types and the answers should be written to the point and in the given word limit. Question numbers 1 to 6 are small questions with 2 marks each. Answers of these questions are to be written within 30 words only. Question number 7 to 12 is of 3 marks ach, and is to be written in 50 words only. 13 to 17 questions are of 4 marks and are to be answered in 75 words only.  The final slot, question number 18 to 22 is to be answered in 120 words only. These questions are of 5 marks each.

Marks allotted and time given:

The total mark of the paper is 75 and the answers are to be written in 3 hours or 180 minutes.

Recommended book:

Nutrition management by J.Richard Blanchard

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