Madhya Pradesh Board Class 12 Home Science Papers


Home science is one of the most important paper under Madhya Pradesh class 12 board exams. As its name suggests, home science is concerned with home. It is the common perception that home science is the subject just about home making and house hold chores. But this definition is partly correct. In fact this is the only subject which prepares young learners to look after their homes and to prepare for a career or vocation in life. Home science means the art of managing your resources efficiently and science of achieving a happier and a healthier home. This paper under the Madhya Pradesh class12 board exam serves the same purpose of teaching the individuals their responsibilities. This paper is very scoring under this board. This paper is in Hindi language.

No. of sections in this paper:

There are two sections in this question paper. 1st section is further divided into four parts where as there is no sub division in the 2nd section.

Paper pattern and number of questions asked:

There are a total of twenty questions in this paper. Each of the four parts of the 1st section has 5 questions. There are 16 questions in the 2nd section. Each question has an alternative and of different marks distribution. 1st section has different types of questions like answer in one sentence, match the column, fill in the blanks, choose the correct option etc.

Division of marks:

This paper is of seventy five marks. 1st section is of twenty marks, with each of the sub question carrying five marks. 2nd section carries fifty five marks. Seven questions in this section is of four marks. Three questions are of five marks and remaining two questions out of sixteen questions are of six marks.

Maximum time duration:

The maximum time allotted for this paper is three hours.

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