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The West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam is held every year for both medical as well as for engineering. Millions of candidates appear for the entrance exam held for medical level. The books that are to be chosen should be the ones that cover the entire syllabus in the most lucid manner. Since the exam is held at the state level, there are books that are written in regional language. The books should be such that they cover the different Multiple Choice Questions in one go. The books should also contain various solved questions that came in the previously held entrance exam.

The books for WBJEE especially the Medical one, should also be covering the various AIPMT solved questions of the MCQ patterns. Then, there are books that are solely dedicated for the Multiple Type Questions. In those books, candidates can find different theories that are explained in minimum words and with maximum efficiency.

Since WBJEE does not hold a second entrance exam for the selected candidates, therefore the candidates get the advantage of learning just the books that are MCQ based. However the pattern also contains few questions that are short type. For this, the books of the higher secondary level are to be consulted and thoroughly learnt.

Thus the candidates have to go through those books that are in majority covering the MCQ part. The books that are for AIPMT are to be also consulted. The NCERT books are also important during the preparation of the exam.


Rudiments of Biology- MCQ type

Higher Secondary books- Part 1 and Part 2(WBHSC)

Pradeep’s Biology

MTG (Biology Today) CBSE PMT (Subscription)

SC Verma (Part-1 and 2)

NCERT- Biology Part 1 and Part 2

Dinesh Biology

Trueman’s Biology

AC Dutta for Botany (Oxford Publication),


Rudiments of Chemistry- MCQC Type

Higher Secondary books- Part 1 and Part 2(WBHSC)

Peter Atkins and Julio de Paula for Physical Chemistry

NCERT- Chemistry Part 1 and Part 2

Arihant Organic Chemistry

Dinesh Chemistry

Morrision Boyd for Organic Chemistry


Rudiments of Physics- MCQ type

Higher Secondary books- Part 1 and Part 2(WBHSC)

HC Verma for Physics,

Concept of Competition Physics for CBSE PMT by Aggarwals

Physics: CBSE PMT set of 3 Volumes by Anil Aggarwal

NCERT- Physics Part 1 and Part 2



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42 Responses to “WBJEE (Medical) Books”

  1. 42

    T.Majumder: On September 28th, 2013
    Sir;what book should I follow for WBJEE(Medical) 2014 for Biology(Bengali Version)

  2. 41
    Avik Shaw:

    Sir, I’m a student of class XI.I wanna give NEET .What’s the best books to eu preparation ?

  3. 40
    arun ahirwar:

    Iam student of MP may I apear for wjee in medical coarse

  4. 39

    Sir;what book should I follow for WBJEE(Medical) 2014 for Biology(Bengali Version).

  5. 38
    Sanjib Ghosh:

    Dear Sir
    Please let me know , what is the final decision about WBJEE-Medical-2014.
    Also require admission guidance for Medical - JEE 2014.

    Sanjib Ghosh

  6. 37
    chayan bera:

    please suggest me which book is parfect to wbjee(medical)

  7. 36

    What is the final decision about entrance Exam. of medical (joint) for 2014

  8. 35

    how many candidates will participate in wbjee?

  9. 34
    Priity Mallick:

    Plese suggest me some important book for NIIT

  10. 33
    raj roy:

    will the wbjee med exam held this year???????

  11. 32

    sir which book to study for medicals so that i can crack it in the 1st chance
    books i m following-:
    abc biology
    comprehensive physics
    dinesh chemistry
    plz suggest me weather i should continue with these books or not

  12. 31
    moubani ghosh:

    sir i have come to know that from 2013 instead of all state level entrance exams neet will be held.so in that exam these books are enough or not ??????????

  13. 30
    Kohena Roy:

    My rank is 715 in medical.In what college can I expect?

  14. 29
    anish sengupta:

    whether wbjee-medical will be held in2013?

  15. 28
    pronojit bala:

    in which medium will WBJEE Exam question paper be dpne

  16. 27

    Sie,i’m a student of class xii….i want to know,which biology book are perfect for wbjee…the book must be prefer to bengali version.so sir plz tell me the book name!!!

  17. 26
    Sourav Halder:

    Can I take part in wbjee medical counselling as my medical SC rank is 446 ?

  18. 25

    will CET replace the wbjee examination from 2013?

  19. 24
    Anish Bhattacharjee:

    Sir,I am a student of WBCHSE.I will give WBJEE in the year after next.I have recently heard that the WBJEE syllabus is going to be changed in 2013.So,I am very much confused.Is this statement true?If this is true,then from where I will get the revised syllabus???????

  20. 23
    Nazneen Ali:

    Will WBJEE 2012 be held solely as one all india medical exam…if so then pls send the names of books i have to read.

  21. 22
    Supratik Sengupta:

    will CET 2012 replace WBJEE 2012 medical?

  22. 21

    I am a student of class XII, I wish to sit on the WBJEE (Medical). Please send me some tips and books names on my mail address? My mail-id [email protected]

  23. 20
    Monantima Dutta:

    do we require coachings apart from all these?

  24. 19

    What is the best biology book in bengali verson, wich is best for WBJEE?

  25. 18

    sir i will give wbjee in2012 so only these books i will follow

  26. 17
    joydeep baral:

    any tips to crack jem?

  27. 16

    1.what kind of rank needed to get admission in government medical college?

  28. 15
    soniya dutta:

    please suggest me some techniques which will help me to crack wbjee.I want to get selected in any government medical college in kolkata.kindly reply

  29. 14
    prasasti majumdar:

    I’m an isc student. Please suggest me some techniques so that it may be easy for me to crack wbpmt. I want to get selected in any government medical college in Kolkata. Its getting quite tough for me since the syllabus are different.

  30. 13

    what is the amount i shuld remit .mode of payment for books

  31. 12
    Sudipta Khatua:

    Lot of model questions or question papers for WB-JEE(combined),AIPMT and AIIMS needed. How i can get it through net without money. Kindly help me.

  32. 11
    avinav nandy:

    can i get last ten years wbjee papers

  33. 10
    oindrila chakraborty:

    how will i prepare myself for the WBJEE(medical) 2011? I am a isc student. I am facing problem since the courses are different. Please help me. I want to get chance in a government medical college in Kolkata. please suggest me something regarding this problem.

  34. 9
    nitesh shukla:

    sir ,
    will wbjee 2011 be held as a discussion of soely one exame for med all over indiais bieng decided upon ?

  35. 8

    I want some good wbjee book set(bengoli).

  36. 7
    deepjal saha:

    how can i create a nice result in jee exam for medical?

  37. 6
    asif aziz:

    am going to give my wbjee next year and very nervous regarding physics

  38. 5

    will wbjee 2011 be held as a discussion of solely one exam for med all over india is being decided upon?what kind of ques will it have and will it be only mcq for screening?or is there also mains.if so is mains subjective?

  39. 4
    surjo chandra:

    sir plz give me the definite definition of hollow centric chromosomes and diffused centromere….

    for wbjee2011…anything special about the exam????hv i any need to take extraordinary preparation for this????

    i am a medical aspirants…for 2011wbjee…plz send me the ans…thnx….

  40. 3
    prabhat sahoo:

    what is the chapter wise marks distribution in wbjee medical exam in last 10 years for biology,physics and chemistry?

  41. 2

    what is the chapter wise marks distribution in wbjee medical exam in last 10 years for biology,physics and chemistry?

  42. 1

    Cost of Book ?