WBUT IT 6th Semester Database Management Systems (IT 604) Papers


West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) provides degrees in many technological courses. There are many institutions under it which provides these courses.  B.Tech degree in Information Technology is provided by WBUT. The subject Database Management Systems is in the 6th semester syllabus of IT. The subject teaches the engineering students, the concepts of managing and controlling a database.

What is taught in the subject?

The WBUT syllabus for Database Management Systems (DBMS) encompasses the following-: Introduction about the subject, Entity-Relationship model, Relational model, SQL, Integrity constraints and introduction to RDBMS, Functional dependencies and normalization, Transaction and concurrency control, Storage strategies, Query optimization, Backup and Recovery and Distributed databases.

How many groups are in the paper?

There are three sections in this paper–Section A, B and C.

What is the paper like?

Among the 3 sections in the paper in Section A 10 objective or multiple choice type questions are to be attempted where each question is generally given 1 mark each. The next section i.e. Section B contains questions having 5 marks each. Here out of the given number of questions only 3 are to be attempted according to the student’s choice. In the last section i.e. Section C, 3 questions are to be attempted but these are of lengthy type and so 15 marks is allotted to each question in this section. The paper is more of a conceptual and mathematical type paper.

Marks allotted

The total marks are 100 where 30 marks are given by the institution according to the internal assessment of the student. The rest 70 marks are for the semester exams. This 70 marks is divided into 3 sections where Section A, B and C contains 10 marks, 15 marks and 45 marks respectively. The total credits are 4 in this paper.

Time allotted

The maximum time allotted is 3hrs.

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    From which sites can i get the solutions of all the previous years question papers of I.T 6th Sem(W.B.U.T)?