WBUT EE 6th Sem Electrical Machine Design Papers


The West Bengal University of Technology came into existence on 5th August 200 but it came into operation on 15th January 2001 with the assumption of the office of the first vise chancellor. The university was set up to provide education in multidisciplinary areas of science , technology and research. The jurisdiction of the university to affiliate colleges and institutes encompasses the whole of West Bengal with about 209 colleges and institutes currently being affiliated under the university. Electrical Machine Design is a 6th sem paper of EE wing and carries a credit of 4 and is a subject of utmost importance.

Paper Pattern

The paper is divided into three groups. Group A is MCQ type questions. Group B includes short answer type questions and finally there is Group C which consists of long answer type questions.

Marks Distribution.

Group A is assigned a total of 10 marks where 10 MCQs of 1 mark each is needed to be answered.

Group B provides a total of 15 marks requiring the students to answer 3 questions of 5 marks each.

45 marks is allotted to Group C where the student has to answer 3 questions of 15 marks each.

Thus the paper is of 70 marks.

Choices in Questions

Students are provided with many choices in the paper. The student has to choose 10 mcqs out of 15 in Group A, # short answer type questions out of 5 in Group B and 3 long answer type questions out of 5 in Group C.

Time Limit

The paper is to be completed in 3 hours.

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