WBUT ECE 4th Semester Analog Communication (EC 403) Papers


WBUT (West Bengal University of Technology) is a new university which came into existence only a few years ago. This university offers many courses in various streams. This university has courses in the field of engineering as well as management both in bachelors and masters level. Electronics and communication is an important stream of engineering. Analog communication is an important paper in this stream. A good level of understanding is very much required to excel this paper. Knowing the paper well before the examination is very important as students can plan their study and get good marks.

What is taught in this paper?

The analog communication paper deals in topics like signal analysis and transmission, linear systems, amplitude modulation, angle modulation, pulse modulation, frequency modulation, multiplexing and noise. This paper covers all the above said topics.

Recommended Books

For this paper one may follows J.G. Proakis’s & M. Saheli’s “Fundamentals of Communication Systems” , B.P. Lathis’ Modern Digital and Analog systems. A clear knowledge of the subject will help in scoring better marks.

Sections in the paper

The paper consists of three sections; Group A, Group B and Group C.

Marks Distribution

Group A questions are very short type, multiple choice question type, and carries 1 mark each. Any 10 questions are to be answered. Group B questions are short questions type. Each question carries 5 marks and any 3 are to be attempted. Group C questions are very long type questions and each question carries 15 marks and any 3 are to be attempted. Questions may contain sub questions. Sub questions of a given question are from the same module.

Time allotted for the examination

3 hours time is allotted for this paper.

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