WBUT ECE 4th Semester Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating System (EC 404) Papers


ECE is one of the student’s most preferred branches of engineering. WBUT offers Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating System as one of the subjects in 4th semester in ECE. It is a very important subject of ECE.A thorough preparation of whole syllabus is required.Questions are not repeated much every year but still preparing from five years and knowing the paper pattern will surely help one to know how to prepare for the exam.

What is taught in the paper?

The objective of the paper is basically to impart to students knowledge on Electromagnetic Theory, Antenna and Propagation. As far as Antenna is concerned students are made aware of various topics like its characteristics, Aperture antenna, Horn antenna and Antenna array. In Propagation important topics that are taught are different modes of radio wave propagation, space wave propagation and radar systems.

Division of paper and marks:

The paper is of seventy marks. It has three sections. The first section has ten multiple choice questions of one mark each. The next section has five questions of five marks each out of which three are to be answered. The next section again has five questions and three of fifteen marks each need to be done.

Type of questions expected:

In the second section each question has subparts which contain short questions of 2-3 marks. Questions can be asked on VSWR, reflection coefficient, smith chart. Some small derivations may also be given. Group C has long answer questions. Short notes on MUF, Horn Antenna, Boundaryconditions for electric and magnetic, Skin Depth, etc. fields may be asked.Derivations also need to be prepared well.

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    Ananya Sen Chowdhury:

    Sir can you plz. post the question papers of WBUT 6th Sem ECE New Syllabus
    Antenna Theory & Propagation EC 604 A
    Information Theory & Coding EC 604 B
    Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation EC 605 C ?

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    eshan kshirsagar:

    pls inform us whether notes are available on electromagnetism 4th sem and on ssd 3rd sem pune university.