WBUT MCA 3rd Semester Operating System and System Software Papers


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Subject information

An operating system is actually a software program that allows the hardware system of a computer to interact and operate the computer software. In the absence of an operating system, a computer cannot be user interactive. Operating systems allow multiple software programs to run simultaneously.

Reference books

There are a number of books that can be used as a reference for studying system software and operating system such as System Software – An Introduction to Systems Programming by Leland L. Beck, Systems Programming and Operating Systems by D. M. Dhamdhere, “Systems Programming by John J. Donovan

Pattern of the question paper

There are three sectional divisions in this paper. Part A consist of short answer questions, that is, multiple choice questions carrying four options where each question is of one mark. There may or may not be choice. Part Bcontains five questions where the candidate is required to answer any three. The last part contains six long questions and one need to attempt any three. All the questions are serially aligned and the questions are strictly according to the syllabus.

Marks distribution and time allocation

This paper carries a total of seventy marks. Each question in the first section is of one mark. The second section is of fifteen marks where each question is of five marks. The last section is of forty five marks, each question carrying fifteen marks. The time duration of this paper is restricted to three hours.

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