What is Bachelor of Forensic Biology, and how is it different from B.Sc in Biology?


Forensic science is a concept which involves the application of its principles in crime investigations. This is a principle which primarily involves collecting of evidences to be produced in the court of law. The major application areas of this science is in Forensic Biology.

Forensic Biology – Overview

This is a course which is applied in various areas of investigations involving human/biological evidences. The course requirement involves theoretical knowledge and practical assignments involving the investigations of particular crimes. This is an interesting course which requires the candidates to have strong knowledge in both the areas of biomedical and forensic sciences. Hence the employment opportunities can be either of these two fields. The job opportunities are immense in this field of forensic biology which necessitates the candidates to have high degree of problem solving skills. The candidates are exposed to high standards of teaching facilities.

Career options after Bachelor in Forensic Biology

The career options in this area include the following-

  • Crime officers
  • Forensic laboratory scientists
  • DNA testing laboratories
  • Biomedical scientists
  • Research laboratories

Hence, the Forensic Biology is a subject which involves the core subject area of Biology.

B.Sc Biology Course

The B.Sc Biology is a course which gives the students to explore various life forms. A graduate degree in Biology will help the students to attain high professional positions in this area.

A career in biology is equally exciting as that of a forensic biology. A major in biology will provide in various career opportunities for students. A graduation course in Biology gives the candidates a basic knowledge in this area of studies. Hence it will facilitate the candidates to go in to core technical areas. One of the important factors is that a basic understanding about the different biological principles is very much important in today’s world. This will also help in taking up a course in forensic biology.

When we compare both these courses, there are lots of similarities between them. B.Sc in biology is concerned with all the aspects of Biology as a subject where as forensic biology includes the different biological aspects but these biological aspects are concerned with forensic sciences.

A forensic biology course has different levels of courses in it. A person gets to know all kinds of Biological ways and principles which can be used in finding solutions to an incident. In both the fields, various research activities have immense opportunities in it.



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    my name is arpita
    this year i am going to 11th standard
    and i am taking biology subject for inter study
    but i dont know any other career options in biology accept doctor and pharmacy
    i want to know more and more career options to decide my profession..
    i am really really very very confused for my future
    plz help me and tell me all the possible careers in biology

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    Which are the colleges in India (specially in Pune) where where after 12th (with PCB) BSC Forensic Science can be taken. How will be the admission process and is there any entrance for this.

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    my name is poonam nd m doing bechlor in ayurveda.bt in next i wana to taka forensic science as profession. so plz suggest me i do further. if u hv another choice so plz tell me…………..

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    I am a +2 passout medical student. I want to make my career in d field of genetics.. Specially human genetics. Which courses n colleges of india can help me make a great career in dis field of human genetics?

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    i hav done b.c.s 2nd year……but i dont want to continue it….as i was about to do career in biology field.so will plz suggest me any course of 3 years…so that i can get good job…and that course should be in maharashtra only…