Syllabus for Mysore University Ph.D (Food Science and Nutrition) Entrance Test


The Mysore University offers admission to Ph.D (Food Science and Nutrition) on the basis of an entrance test. Syllabus for the entrance test comprises of topics such as energy metabolism, nutrition during life span, preservation of foods, dietary management of diseases, and food spoilage and control.

Syllabus for Mysore University Ph.D (Food Science and Nutrition) Entrance Test

Macro/micro nutrients and trace element

  • Food sources – general and specific sources
  • Essentiality and relevance– involvement in nutritional implications and    biochemical reactions
  • Analysis in food materials and assessment of nutrition
  • Toxicity and deficiency - symptoms, levels, health management and their consequences

Body composition

  • Methods of study
  • Compositional changes during cycle of life
  • Nutritional disorders
  • Effect on body composition

Body water and fluid balance

  • Body water compartments
  • Regulating water balance
  • Disorders in water balance

Energy metabolism

  • Resting and Basal metabolism
  • Influencing factors
  • Methods to determine energy expenditure and requirements
  • Thermogenesis
  • Adaptation to altered intake of energy
  • Food intake regulation

Computation Basis of Nutrient Requirement

  • Latest concept of dietary recommendation
  • WHO and RDA – ICMR
  • Limitations and uses

Nutrition during life span

  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Infancy
  • Preschool age
  • School age and adolescent children
  • Young adults
  • Elderly


  • Public Health Nutrition
  • Nutrition related to non-communicable diseases (based on Indian Perspective)

Dietary Management of diseases

  • Medical Nutrition therapy
  • Nutrition in critical care

Nutrition care and Assessment

  • Assessment methods for practice and research
  • Nutrition and health care

Processing of foods

  • Wheat
  • Millets
  • Rice
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Fats and oils
  • Milk along with milk products
  • Sugar and confectionaries
  • Eggs, meat and fish
  • Beverages

Meaning and concept of food quality

  • Food Safety
  • International and national food laws
  • Food standards
  • Governing bodies of food regulation
  • Hazard analysis
  • Critical control points of food processing
  • Quality control
  • Sensory evaluation and product development

Food spoilage and control

  • Spoilage and contamination of pulses, cereal, vegetables, flesh foods, fruits, eggs, marine products, poultry, milk & milk products.

Preservation of foods

  • Techniques and Principles of preservation
  • Food concentration and dehydration
  • Heat processing
  • Cold preservation
  • Chemicals and irradiation

Recent concepts in nutrition and food science

  • Metabolomics
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Fat substitutes
  • Nutrition required for space travelers
  • Neutraceuticals
  • Fat substitutes
  • Functional foods
  • Biopolymers for packaging
  • Genetically modified foods

Books prescribed under M.Sc (Food Science and Nutrition) can be used for studies. Study materials collected from web can also be used for reference. Materials for studies can also be collected online. E- Books that contain the topics mentioned under the syllabus can be used for study.



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