A glance at Commercial Pilot License


The job as a commercial pilot is one of the most glamorous jobs available in the aviation industry. High levels of training are required for a person to join this field. A few of the qualities that are needed by candidates to become a commercial pilot are perseverance, time as well as patience.

A career with the aviation industry attracts many young men as well as women from all over the globe. To become a commercial pilot, it is very much necessary for an aspirant to possess the Commercial Pilot License. This certification enables a person to take the role of the Pilot in Command in a single pilot aircraft. It will also be possible for them to act as a co-pilot of an aircraft that is managed by two or more pilots.

How to get the Commercial Pilot License?

The minimum qualification required by a person to take the primary step in the process to take the CPL is a pass in class 12. Only those students who have cleared this class with more than 50 percent marks can apply for the Student Pilot License (SPL). It is needed by these candidates to have good marks in Mathematics and Physics. It is also compulsory for them to have completed the age of 17 years.

Once aspirants have acquired the SPL, they can start their flight training for getting the Private Pilot License (PPL). The admission to this course is done by way of an admittance test. The exam paper shall encompass subjects like:

  • English
  • General Knowledge
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

The training period of the PPL consists of 60 hours of flying. Out of this, 20 hours will be dedicated for dual flying, the same number of hours for solo flying and 5 hours for cross country flying.

It is most necessary for students to have good marks in the written test in addition to this flying training. The theory exam shall comprise of topics such as:

  • Air Regulation
  • Navigation
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Aircraft and Engines

Students will also have to pass the medical fitness test. Those who do not clear this test will not be given the license.

After they get the PPL, applicants will have to dedicate another 190 hours as to get the Commercial Pilot’s License. The total number of hours consolidated will be as much as 250 hours for flying training alone. Besides the aforementioned criteria, applicants will also be required to possess the radio telephone license in addition to the flight radio operators’ license.

The total time that will be taken for an applicant to get the CPL is up to 2 to 3 years.



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