Difference between Aircraft Pilot and Aircraft Instructor


Aircraft Pilot and Aircraft Instructor are two related but slightly different jobs in aviation. Professionals who are trained to fly aircraft of all types and sizes are simply referred to as

Aircraft Pilot. They are responsible for the safeguard of the aircraft, passengers, crew, and cargo transported from one location to another. They carry out safety inspection of airplane’s control equipment before take off in order to ensure its proper working. Aircraft Instructor on the other hand trains pilots regarding the operation of aircraft. Apart from offering training to pilots, they carry out aircraft inspection according to the guidelines put forward by Federal Aviation Administration. Though the professions are related in certain respects, they do differ in certain other aspects.

Aircraft Pilot and Opportunities

The candidate has to pass aviation courses in Piloting from any of the reputed aviation institute to get in to the profession of Aircraft Pilot. After pursuing the course, the candidate has to get license in piloting through private practice. They have to pass medical test and qualifying examination in order to become a licensed Aircraft Pilot. The profession of Aircraft Pilot is much rewarding and satisfying as it offers a lot of prestige and honor.

Aircraft Instructor and Opportunities

The candidate has to pass aviation courses in aircraft instruction in order to get in to the role of Aircraft Instructor. Those who complete the course should follow the same procedures as in case of aircraft pilot to have license in aircraft inspection. The candidate should be interested in teaching and should possess sound knowledge in different flying techniques to do well in the job. The profession offers good salary and additional perks to candidates who deserve the same.

Key differences between Aircraft Pilot and Aircraft Instructor

  • Aircraft Pilot is basically responsible for flying the aircraft where as Aircraft Instructor is mainly responsible for training aircraft professionals.
  • The overall inspection of the aircraft vests under the responsibility of Aircraft Inspector, where as Aircraft Pilot deal with inspection of certain parts only.

The nature of job and the responsibilities associated with both the professions are different. The responsibility of pilot begins only after boarding the aircraft where as the job of instructors mostly include on ground training.



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