Difference between CPL Course and PPL course


Many youngsters are attracted towards aviation as career at present. Various job opportunities are also there for these people who have successfully completed training in the related field. CPL and PPL are the license needed for the aspirants who wish to become a pilot. Even though both are in the same related field their nature and purpose differs a lot.

CPL Course

Commercial Pilot License is the license that is obtained after the completion of training in aircraft flying. This license allows one to perform as pilot in-charge in a solo aircraft or as a co-pilot in multi pilot aircrafts. These pilots are paid for their work. Those who want to hold a CPL should undergo a training of minimum 200 hours flight log time. It will be given in single engine or multiengine aircrafts. Candidates must satisfy some educational qualification to hold this license and to become a pilot. They should have secured a pass in 10+2 examinations from any reputed institutions with Mathematics and Physics as compulsory subjects. Candidate should attain at least the age of 17 years at the time of training and should be medically fit as per the board standards. They need some other skills like ability to read, speak, and write and understand English. They must be a PPL holder. After acquiring this license they can find jobs in many commercial airline, charter companies, etc.

PPL Course

Private Pilot License is also the license given for the aspirants who are interested in flying aircrafts. But this license is only given for the pilots in non-commercial aircrafts. It is mainly for those who wish to take pilot job as a hobby or for those who own an aircraft. These people are not paid for the work. For getting this license, they must undergo training of minimum 40 flying hours along with a qualification in the examination carried out by DGCA. For this license also, candidates must satisfy some educational qualification. They must have passed at least 10th with Mathematics and Physics. The minimum age required is 16 years and they should have medical fitness as per the standard rules.

Key differentiators between CPL Course and PPL course

  • CPL is the license given to those who wish to take up career as a pilot with the commercial airlines whereas PPL is for those who wish to be a pilot as a hobby or for those who own an aircraft.
  • CPL can be acquired by those who have completed senior secondary examinations and who satisfies an age of 17 years. PPL can be obtained after 10th with minimum of 16 years age.
  • A person who holds CPL must have obtained PPL earlier whereas PPL can be obtained directly.

Although CPL and PPL are the licenses needed for a pilot; their nature and purpose of use are different in many aspects.



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    if we join CPL with education loan thn what would we hv to pay? and what things include education loan eg. hostle fee etc.?

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    Will it is necessary to complete ppl before cpl

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    How much money I have to spend to become a COMMERCIAL PILOT ?

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    MAher Jumani:

    I want my son to go abroad for Training for CPL. Need to Know after he finishes his course and gets a CPL from DGCA ,India.will an airline like emirates appoint him as a pilot ? will license conversion be required again?Will he be restricted to only apply for jobs with airlines in India? Do freshers stand a high chance of getting placement in airlines within a year of getting the CPL?Is it wise to do the type rating for the aircraft once you get the job confirmation or do you advice to finish type rating for any particular type of aircraft ? which aircraft should one do the typerating for incase you need to finish that before you start applying for airlines .