List of Companies in Aviation Sector


Development, management and operation of the aircrafts are the important feature of an aviation industry. This industry provides many job opportunities. Mostly when we talk about job opportunities in this industry, we think of pilots and airhostesses. But there are many other opportunities in this industry like aircraft maintenance engineers, baggage handlers etc.

India is one of the biggest aviation markets in the world. As per records there are more than 127 airports in our country which operates aircrafts to more than 13 countries. Over the years, the number of private companies has also increased in this industry. At present in India there are three types of private companies namely,

  • Full cost carriers
  • Low cost carriers (LCC)
  • Start-up airlines
  • Aviation Companies of India

Air Charter Services Pvt Ltd

This company operates its business operations with many private business aircrafts, helicopter tours and video flights. The clients of this company are very well known persons and tour operators. Air Charter Services Pvt Ltd also provides certain services such as in relief operation, air ambulance etc.

Air Charters India

This company is owned by the STIC travel group and has more than hundred aircrafts in India. This company also covers many destinations around the world. The company is having strength of more than 1000 employees working in over 40 offices.

Air India

The first Aviation Company in Indian known as the National Aviation Company of India Limited (NACIL) paved the way for the establishment of many other companies based in the aviation sector. The company was actually setup in the pre independence era of India. After a couple of years it tied up with Indian Airlines eventually achieving a huge reputation and proving itself the largest airline in south Asian airline.

Aviation India

Besides cargo services this company provides many other services like

  • Flight operation services
  • Freight control
  • Passenger services
  • Air charter
  • Advisory and consultancy
  • Aircraft preservation and renovation
  • International flight operation
  • Air supervision and helipad engineering

Indian Airlines

Indian airlines are one of the biggest regional airliners in Asia. It has over 70 planes covering 76 destinations across the world, out of which 58 are regional destinations. Indian airlines is now operating in the following countries:

  • Oman
  • UAE
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Singapore
  • Pakistan
  • Maldives
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka

Deccan Aviation Ltd

The company is operating currently in 8 places. It also operates its flight to Sri Lanka.


It is a low cost airline which offers the flying opportunity to many Indians. Currently it is working as a domestic airliner.

Paramount airways

Is a private company under the paramount group and it started its operations in the year 2005.

Go Air Airlines

Like Indigo it is also a low price airline under the Wadia group. It is currently operating in around 11 cities of our country.

Kingfisher Airlines

It is also a domestic airline which covers almost 64 cities of our country.

Spice Jet

It covers 14 destinations of our country. This is also a low cost airliner like the others.

Air Sahara

Inaugurated in the year 1993, it has over 27 aircrafts operating from more than 10 cities.

Jet Airways

Established in 1993, it is the biggest private Airline in India. It covers over 50 domestic cities and also many international cities.



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