Applications of Media Science


The study of media science is a particular field of study that deals with the history and effects of the various media like “mass media”. This field of study draws heavily from subjects such as social sciences as well as humanities. Some of the core topics included in mass communication includes communication sciences and communication studies. The researchers in this field are involved in developing the theories from various disciplines such as philosophy, anthropology, film theory, information theory, political economy, social theory and sociology.

The media industry in India is developing tremendously at the rate of 20 percent per annum. The media along with the entertainment industry forms the country’s sixth biggest industry. It employs about six million people. Therefore this field is expected to have a growth of eighty thousand crores in the next few years to come.

In order to make the effective use of communication facilities which is involved in information, publicity as well as development, the Government of India has sought advice from the Ford foundation/UNESCO team who are known as the mass communication specialists. This group of mass communication specialists are involved in teaching, training and research in the field of mass communication by setting up various training centers.

The Advantages of Media Science Course

The various advantages in pursuing this course are:

Through this course the students can gain ample knowledge in the area of media.  They can also make use of the powerful multimedia tools and get exposed to the global culture to evolve as good media professionals.

The course in mass communication engages the students by connecting the class room with real life activities.

It ensures the students as well as the teachers with critical thinking. Thus it offers a second nature of life.

It creates a common method that merges with all the field of study, thus providing an option to blend different subjects of study.

The mass communication course is incorporated with contemporary subjects, which enables the student to fall in love with the subject.

The course makes the student proficient in communicating and expressing their ideas with the help of different electronic media.

This course not only benefits the one who pursue it, it is an asset to the whole society

A Career Outlook

There are various career opportunities for those who pursue this course. Some of them are Public relations officer, Media Planner, Multimedia specialist and Television or Film or Video producer.



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    is there any sample papers for preparing for aptitude test for entrance exam for M.SC. ELECTRONIC MEDIA 2 years course if not let me know from where we can get the model question papers.

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    subhajit maity:

    which subjects are required for media science;