Bachelor of Graphics and media


Graphics and media are today present in almost every sector of the world. With the advancement in the technology, we have seen a rapid and vigorous bloom in the sector of graphics and media. Today the study of graphics and media is considered as a respectable career. This is what is taught under the course of bachelor of graphics and media. Under this course one is taught various kinds of graphics and the ways to create them. The study also includes the detailed study of apparatus that gets perfect and various kinds of graphics. Under this course, the students are also taught the various applications of graphics and media in various sectors.

One needs to be 10 + 2 passed in order to get in to the course of bachelor of graphics and media. The passing certificate should be of a recognized educational board of India. Knowledge of computers and special skills in drawing can be beneficial for the long run in career in graphics and media designs.

Course Outlook:

The course duration of Bachelor of Graphics and Media is not certain and varies from college to college. The decision of the duration depends on the university. Few universities provide this course with duration of just 1 year, whereas some other universities offer this course with 3 year duration.

Job prospects:

There are plenty of jobs for these degree holders. They are recruited by various kinds of private as well as public firms. Even IT giants incorporate these degree holders.

Best Place to Pursue:

Academy of arts and technology

Arena multimedia academy



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