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Research is the key to any media efforts to become successful, not only in the corporate world, but also in the government and public sector. Without the help of research, those who practice and administer media activities and programs for their organizations would be operating in the dark without clear sense of direction and without any guidance. Research in media studies lays attention on the whole process of communication and it examines the communication relationship existing between and among the media institutions and their targeted group of audience.

For a practitioner in media, research is a crucial tool for gather of opinion and fact and it is a systematic effort aimed at understanding, confirming and discovering through objective appraisal of the facts or opinions pertaining to a particular opportunity, situation or problem.

Areas of work and scope:

Different research techniques and methods are being practiced in media studies for the below-mentioned purposes and needs:

For collection of information that media professionals and practitioners need to know for doing their jobs effectively

For obtaining benchmark data pertaining to views of important group of target audience

For planning, developing or possibly refining media affairs, activities or programs

To monitoring or tracking media programs, events and activities that are essential to the institution or organization

For evaluation of overall effectiveness of a specific communication activity or programs by measuring outcomes and outputs against predetermined set of objectives

To offer appropriate support for promotion or publicizing of a particular event, activity or program

Nature of media research jobs:

Having a diploma or degree in media research can enable a person to work as media researcher to study the infrastructure, effects, influence and use of media like internet, radio and television. Career in media research can be found not only in private sector, but in government sector as well. As a media researcher, a person can do research in physical, psychological and social effects of media on different groups of people. Many media research firms appoint statisticians for analyzing quantitative data collected from media research studies for understanding the influence of the medium. Candidates can work as a statistician with media firms, if they could have a good understanding of different statistical tools and techniques practiced in media research. There are also several other job responsibilities in a media research job.

Government jobs:

When it comes to government jobs in media research, candidates can find job opportunities in government media research houses, media organizations, research and academic institutions. Normally, media research job notifications are issued by the government organizations in leading newspapers and job portals and candidates with appropriate qualification can apply for these government jobs in the field of media research.


Salary in media research sector depends on the experience and qualification, the expertise in application of different methods of research, tools and techniques in media studies. With a diploma or degree in media studies and with good understanding of research practices, candidates can earn Rs.10000 – 15000 at the entry-level positions. A Master’s degree can enable the students to earn more and job opportunities can also be higher.



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