Atmospheric Scientist – How to become an Atmospheric Scientist?


Atmospheric science is said to be the study of earth’s atmosphere, i.e. the study of blanket of air covering the earth. Atmospheric scientists are the professionals in this field who study about atmosphere’s different physical features, motions and procedures and the manner in which all these factors affect rest of the environment. One of the applications of this study is the weather forecasting.

Apart from predicting the weather, these professionals also try to detect and understand the climate trends, learn about the past weather and evaluate the current weather. These weather information and researches are applied in diverse fields such as agriculture, defense, air pollution control, sea and air transportation, forestry, etc. The atmospheric scientists are also called as the meteorologists. They utilize the physical and mathematical relationships to make long and short range weather forecasts.

Qualifying Exam

To become an atmospheric scientist one needs at least a bachelor’s degree qualification in meteorology or related subjects. Students must concentrate on the subjects like physics, computer science, mathematics and physical meteorology from their high school academics itself. Learn more about the weather forecasting and related matters as much. Obtaining short term training programmes in concerned field will help them to get an exposure.

Who is eligible to apply?

Those who have pursued their senior secondary education with Physics and Mathematics from a reputed institution can apply for the bachelor’s degree programme in meteorology or related discipline. Some institutions will also provide training in this field for the meteorology students to gain some experience. Those obtained the training in this field can apply for the entry level jobs. Students can also apply for the advanced degree programme in related discipline.

Key points in the process

  • Study 12th with mathematics and physics from any reputed institution.
  • Pursue the Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology or related stream from a recognized university.
  • Gain experience in this field by undergoing any concerned training programmes.
  • Search out for the atmospheric scientists jobs and apply for it.

Skills required for an Atmospheric Scientist

Atmospheric scientists need certain qualities to perform in this field. They must have a strong basis in the subjects like mathematics and physics. Since most of their duties involve several observations, they need good analytical skills. Besides these, they must also have good verbal and interpersonal skills.



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