How To Become A Space Scientist?


Space science is a study of issues pertaining to space discovery and space journey inclusive of space medicine. In simple terms, it is a branch that deals with universe, but excluding earth. Initially, this science was termed as astronomy and now with its development, it has grown from astronomy to different areas like space defence, space colonization, stellar science, galactic science and astrophysics.

In addition to different areas of space science, there are also some important fields pertaining to space science that include satellite communication, atmospheric science, global climate, satellite meteorology and GIS. Many people have the dream to become a space scientist; here are some of the details about how to become a space scientist:

Educational requirement to become a space scientist:

To become a space scientist, candidates should first take up science group with mathematics, chemistry and physics as core subjects at the higher secondary level itself. After completion of higher secondary in science stream, they will have to take up aeronautical engineering course and after completion of this course, they will have to do their PG degree in Aeronautical engineering or space science and even astrophysics degrees can enable a candidate to find job placement as space scientist.

Best institutes for Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering in India:

In India, some of the best institutions are offering courses in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering and here are the names of some of those prominent institutions:

Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology, Thirvananthapur

School of Aviation Science and Technology, New Delhi

Park College of Engineering and Technology, Tamil Nadu

Nehru College of Aeronautics & Applied Science, Tamil Nadu

Hindustan Electronics Academy, Bangalore

Bangalore Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and Information Technology

Hindustan College Of Engineering, Tamil Nadu

Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Dehradun

Academy of Aerospace & Aviation, Indore

Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai

Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh

IIT, Kharagpur

IIT, Kanpur

IIT, Mumbai

IIT, Chennai

Manipal University

Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad

These institutions offer admission to the students to the space science and related courses on the basis of performance of candidates in entrance examination and marks secured in 10+2 level.

Where to find job positions as Space Scientist?

When it comes to job opportunities in the position of Space Scientist, the following organizations are offering the position:

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)

Meteorology and atmospheric science department of colleges/universities recruit space scientists.

Nature of Work for Space Scientists:

Space Scientists are responsible for examining atmospheric phenomena and interpreting meteorological data. This data is gathered by radar, satellites and air/surface stations for preparing forecasts and reports. These professionals are also responsible for collecting and analyzing of historical climate, information pertaining to temperature and precipitation with a view to make prediction about future climate trends and weather.  They are also expected to apply meteorological knowledge to problems in different fields like water management, pollution control, agriculture and also issues pertaining to global warming. Space Scientist position can offer rewarding career for candidates with an interest towards exploring space!!!



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