Bachelor course in Geography and its applications in tourism industry


Geography is the science which usually deals with the study of features, inhabitants, phenomena of Earth. This course deals with all the aspects about Earth. The modern geography is a study which includes the land topography, people, attributes and Phenomena of Earth.

Bachelor course in Geography

The bachelor course in Geography is an undergraduate degree. There are many undergraduate courses in Geography. Some of them are listed below.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Geography
  • Bachelor of Science in Geography
  • Bachelor of Arts Honors in Geography
  • Bachelor of Science Honors in Geography
  • Bachelor of Science in Geography, Tourism and Travel Management

The candidate pursuing Bachelor course in Geography learns about the Environment and Ecology. They get an idea about the social geography of India. The aspirants completing this course have a sound knowledge in many natural structures such the mountains, lakes diversified valleys, etc. They have an idea about the various locations in the country which have high scenic beauty. This course covers the political and physical view of the Earth. This course is meant to teach the student various features of cities and their structures.

Tourism Industry

Tourism comprises of travel for leisure, work, or for recreation to different places. India has many places of tourist interest. These locations spread all over the country. Many places have old monuments which attract attention due to their beautiful work on rock, wood, etc. People across the world are attracted by the beauty of monuments like Taj Mahal in Agra. There are many places in India known for its sceneries.  Kerala which is also known as God’s own country has many places of which attract tourist due to its scenic beauty. There are many lakes, and beautiful places in Jammu and Kashmir. The tourism industry is one of the most revenue generating sector in India. There is lot of scope in this industry.

Bachelor course in Geography and tourism industry

We can increase the revenue generated from tourism industry if we know the places where the tourist will get attracted. The bachelor course in Geography proves to be a significant tool for enlightening the mass about the different places and regions where they are interested in visiting ultimately benefiting the tourism industry.  This is where the candidates completing Bachelor in geography can be helpful. They have knowledge of many places having beautiful mountains, valleys, lakes, landscape, etc. They have knowledge about environment and ecology and thus help the tourism industry to function better. Thus it can be concluded that bachelor course in Geography has its utility and application in tourism industry.



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