Bachelor of Science in Genetic engineering


Genes and DNA are some of the most important constituents of a human body. It is said that no matter how similar two human beings are, genetically they have a huge difference. The genetic make up of every human is unique and has some specific characteristics. In order to study these makes ups and specification of genes and other chromosomes, various courses are being offered regarding the study of genetics and DNA. In the same way Bachelor of Science in genetic engineering is offered to those interested in this field.

Under this course one is taught about the various kinds of available characteristic and specifications of the genetic material. Under this course one is taught about the various functions and responses of the genetic material towards various kinds of stimulations made over it. The course also allows the students to make necessary experiments over these genetic materials so as to observe its characteristics in more details.

In order to be eligible for the course, one requires being at least 10 + 2 passed with Biology as one of the main subjects. The passing certificate should be of a well recognized institute and educational board of India.

Course Outlook:

The course duration of this course is 3 years. The 3 years of this course is generally divided in to 3 parts of 1 year each. After every 1 year an examination is held which decides the candidate’s promotion to the next part.

Job Prospects:

The genetic engineering field has got plenty of options in the present era. One can get in to various research institute owned by government and private firms. One can also get in to various institute and research centre. One can also get in to teaching profession after successfully completing this degree.

Best places to Pursue:

Banaras Hindu University

Jadavpur University

Bangalore University



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9 Responses to “Bachelor of Science in Genetic engineering”

  1. 9

    i`ve completed 12th (physics, chemistry, biology, maths)with 69% im interested in genetic engineering .Am i elegible to opt this or not? if eligible what is the procedure to take genetic engineering.

  2. 8
    ankita deshmukh:

    maths is required for genetic engeering

  3. 7
    Deva Sidhan:

    I want to become genetic engg. I m in 12th with PCMB group
    How can i apply for it.

  4. 6

    My son has completed +12 last year from dehardun and wish to go for Genetic engineering . May I know the procedures and requirment for admission

  5. 5
    qazi irfan:

    i just wana say that i m intrested in genetic engneering for childhood…….and plz tell me every thing about that

  6. 4

    What exactly is the syllabus of B.E. in Biotech Engineering?
    Which is the best college in Pune University?
    What is the fee structure?
    How to apply for B.E. in Biotech Engineering?

  7. 3
    Anita Pereira:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My son wants to pursue a career in genetic engineering. He is presently in FYJC Science and wants to know the procedure for it.
    Is MAH-CET required alongwith XII(HSc)? or he can directly get admission only with his XII(HSc) marks?



  8. 2

    which exam is required to get the addmition in genetic engineering after 12th? eithet CET or IIT

  9. 1
    Ketki Bhimanwar:

    i have just finished my 10th . now i am going to take PCMB as i m opting for genetic engineering . will you please let me know which entrance exams i will have to give to get a good and reputed college for genetic engineering ?