Bangalore University, M.Sc in Biotechnology, 3rd Sem., Genetic Engineering Papers


Biotechnology is one of the evolving branches of engineering. This is probably because of the new angle of approach towards technology and because of the application of biology with technology. Genetic engineering paper forms a very important part of this course.

Paper description:

As the name suggest, the course itself deals with the study of various kinds of genetic parts and makeup of the human body. The study of human cell and its constituents starts with experiments to find out the genetically make up structure of a species. The study includes detailed knowledge about DNA, RNA, Transcription, Translation, mRNA, tRNA etc. the study also includes study of western blotting methods, ploy A RNA, and various other process that involves in genetical processes.

Frequently asked questions:

The question paper has short notes on DBNA sequencing, Protein labeling, Ori etc almost every year. Apart from that the paper also has question related to Western Blotting, Protein labeling and sequencing by Sangeres method, recombinant DNA, cloning, DNA vectors, DNA library etc. all these questions comes almost every year.

Paper pattern:

The paper pattern of the papers of Bangalore University is a bit different. The paper of genetic engineering in M.Sc in Biotechnology has a simple pattern. The paper is divided into three sections. The first section, section A has short notes questions. There are 7 questions in this sections, candidates requires answering any 5. Every question is of 3 marks in this section. The second section has 6 questions in it, out of which only 4 are to be answered. The questions in this section are of 5 marks each. The final section has 5 questions. This section has long questions, and candidates require answering any 3 out of the 5. Every question in this section is of 15 marks each.

Marks allotted and time given:

In 3 hours, one need to write a paper of total marks 80. The marks distribution is 15 for section a, 20 for section B, and 45 for section C.

Recommended books:

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology - Yres Tourte : University of Poitiers, France
Language of the GENES by Steve JONES

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