Difference between B.Tech in Genetic Engineering and Biotech Engineering


Genetics is the study of DNA and heredity. It is focused on the genetic make-up of an organism which is influence by the introduction or eradication of particular genes. It is used to develop crop plants and animals of different species with the help of selective breeding. Biotechnology is associated with biology. It is concerned with making use of living organisms and their components to make goods and is applied in the fields of medicine, business and agriculture. There are many colleges in India and abroad where Genetic and Biotech engineering courses are offered.

Genetic Engineering Course and Opportunities

Candidates who wish to join the Bachelors course in Genetic Engineering must have completed their class 10+2 or its equal with PCM. The admission to this course is conducted by the IIT-JEE exam which is conducted on an all India level.  After the successful completion of this course, applicants can find employment in areas like research, biotech industries, pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions, colleges’ etc. Those who want to become a genetic engineer or scientist; they should have a PhD in the related field.

Biotech Engineering Course and Opportunities

Those who are applying for this course must have cleared their standard XII or its equal exam with PCM. They should have secured a minimum of 50% marks. The admission to this course is the same as genetic engineering. It is carried out through the IIT- Joint entrance Exam. Graduates of B.Sc can apply for the M.Sc course in biotechnology. Students who wish to study further can go for PhD or Post-Doctoral Research in Biotechnology. Candidates who have completed their course can find jobs as Research associates, Lab technicians, Research scientists etc.

Key differences between the two courses

Biotechnology is the procedure of gene manipulation while Genetic engineering is the method of the isolation, identification and cloning of DNA. In addition to it, the process of the mutation and insertion of them into other beings is also done. Biotechnology is based on biology, particularly when it is used for the production of food, agriculture, and medicine. Though found very recently, biotechnology is mainly applied for the finding of cures and other things which improve the daily life of man.



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    i have given this years 12th board exam ,now i want to go for genetic engineering please tell me how to proced further & what should i do ?

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    what are the differences between biotechnology and genetic engineering?.

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    i am a student of bipc in intermediate.am i eligible to take up a coarse in genetic engineering after 12th standard?ur answer will be really help me in the future.thank you.

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    Shashi Kumar:

    I am a student of class 11 with PCMB.I want to become a genetic engineer in research field.please tell me how to proceed .

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    am i eligible mtech in genetic engineering after completion of btech in eletrical and communications engineering

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    How can i become a genetic engineer with the tenth base

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    Dr. Kusum Baruah:

    Dear sir,
    I m a BAMS graduate (4&1/2 yrs course duration) presently doing compulsory internship (1yr). i m also preparing for the GATE 2012. i want to know whether i will be eligible or not to persue M.Tech course in genetic engineering. Thanx.