BBA vs. BBM - Which course is better?


Both BBA and BBM are bachelors degree in the area of administration. These courses can offer better job opportunities to students in different areas of management. These courses can act as a foundation to acquire higher studies in management by which the aspirant can get a bright future.

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate course in the field of management. This course has time duration of three years. These three years consist of six semesters of six months each. In the final semester, the students have to undergo an organization study in any of the reputed firms. Report on project is considered for internal assessments. BBA makes the aspirants efficient with required skills in administration. A BBA degree holder, after successful completion of studies, can search for a prosperous job or can go for higher study options. Higher study options such as MBA can offer enormous job openings to deserving candidates. The aspirants can find better job opportunities both in India as well as abroad.

BBM or Bachelor of Business Management

BBM or Bachelor of Business Management is also a three-year undergraduate course in management. Those who have completed class XII can apply to get an admission in Bachelor of Business Management. After the bachelor degree, the students can grab a better job in private or government sector. They also have higher study options such as MBA. Other than MBA, the students can also go for MS in finance or Accounting. This enables them to acquire a hi-profiled job in Banking or Finance sector. They can also find jobs in banks, retail sectors, insurance sectors, medical administration etc. The salary for an entry-level candidate will be less when compared to an experienced one. Another important feature in BBM is that the candidates can have specialization in different areas of study. The specialization can be in areas of Human Resources, operation, finance, and marketing. The specialization in specific areas of management is offered by BBM where it is not possible in BBA. Specialization in specific areas enables the degree holders to grab comfortable jobs in their area of specialization.

Key Differentiators between BBA and BBM

BBA awards students with skills in Administration where as BBM makes the student capable with skills on management aspects.

BBM provides specialization in a variety of areas such as Human Resources, operation, finance, and marketing where as BBA does not meet this criteria.

Which Course is better?

Both of these courses have their own merits .BBA is better for students who are interested to do MBA after obtaining Bachelor’s degree. Those who wish to acquire knowledge in management can go for BBM whereas those who are interested in Administration can go with BBA. Anyway, both these courses can offer challenging jobs in the field of management.



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14 Responses to “BBA vs. BBM - Which course is better?”

  1. 14
    karan kumar:

    there is a questions in my mind rhat i had left the idea to do bachelor of technology and now i feel to do management side so the problem is that what is better is that B.B.A or B.B.M ???

  2. 13
    samir mondal:

    If i do BBM then after 3 years can i do MBA?

  3. 12
    ravi kumar:

    hi! sir ;
    I comepleat inter(mpc) ‘ next I join for 3- year degree course .I interest BBM are
    so please tell me best for my carrier.

  4. 11

    i completed intermediate secound year..and i want to join in BBA Course can u please give me information about subjects the subjects and total information

  5. 10

    sir,i would like to settle in which courses in MBA
    offer me good jobs with high salary in foreign.please answer me
    as soon as possible.

  6. 9
    Ravi Raushan:

    What is job aportunity in marine after bbm?

  7. 8

    sir ,, i have complted only 1 year in bbm after that i was unable to complete so now i want to complete it through corresponding way with in one year ,,, please give suggestion


  8. 7

    Can we join to kuvempu university through corresspondence college i.e Malnad corresspondence college which is near our house is their any difference between your university and this college .Please reply me.

  9. 6

    Which is better for mba bba or bbm

  10. 5
    Anish alam:

    Mai bba krna chahta hu but mere pas jyada paise ni hai ki mai par saku to kya muje loan mil sakta hai kya? Agr loan milega to wo 12 class ke persantage ko dekh kr diya jayega kya? Muje loan ke bare me pura details chahiye.

  11. 4

    i have searched through various websites for information on the difference between bba and bbm courses andso far this is the only website that provided any valuable or useful information, so thankyou for that.

    however i just want to clarify one thing. are you sure that bbm offers the option to specialize in HR or finance?? As far as ive looked there is no website that mentions this. i thought the option to specialize come only when your doing your MBA.
    If so, can you tell me which all colleges offers this option? And which of those college would you recommend? (i was following the cambridge syllabus till now and just finished my grade 12 - level -exams last november.)
    thank you

  12. 3
    arjun thomas:

    im doing my +2 examination now. after that, im intrested in the field of designing ( can you recommend any good colleges that has applicatios still open?

  13. 2
    sahil shah:

    which is the best possible course after bbm ib apart from MBA

    can i get a job after bbm ib

    and if yes where and of which package app.

    which foreign language should be learn along with BBM Ib

  14. 1

    i have done PCMB in 2nd puc. but i feel science tough. is BCA better for me or BBM? Also which degree has better scope in future?