BCA- a degree for the left outs?


One of the top ranked courses that are chosen by the majority of students today is the Bachelors in Computer Applications course (BCA). The question here is whether this course is simply a course for the students who don’t get admission to any other course. Critics point out that it is simply because of the institutions that offer these courses that make this course appear this way. Besides this, they make it look as if this course does not have that much importance when the truth is nowhere near to this statement. More information about the positive factors that makes this course more desirable is given below.

Name of the college do matter

Students who have chosen BCA as their graduate level degree are those who think differently and think of a very ambitious career. They try to create their own mark in the IT industry. It is given that the institutions that teach these students have paramount roles in the development of the mind frames’ of these students. This is done with the help of the dedicated faculty of the institutions the students study in. With them pointing out the right direction, it won’t be difficult for students to understand what is good for them and vice versa. Thus motivated, students create ample opportunities from even simple prospects for themselves. It can be thus said that the creation of a bright future for the students is directly linked between themselves and the institutions. Numerous institutions in our country today offer students with unparalleled instruction as well as good placement opportunities. The career opportunities will be more if these people complete their master’s degree.

Perceptions and judgments

Even though it can be said that there are major turns that influences the students, it is very much wrong to say that this course is meant for non performers or students who can’t pass any exam. Those students who have taken this course are the ones who are demanded the most today. It is also another fact that they are the ones who give stiff competition to B.Tech students. Thus, we can say with alacrity that this course is definitely not meant for people who are weak in their studies. It is the duty of one to make sure that beliefs such as this are dispelled among the society today. Another thing that can be said is that those students who study this course will receive a very good idea about computer applications and the innumerable languages. This knowledge thus received will provide to be of great use for students when they enter the IT world.



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    is any value of ba program from du non regular

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    i am very much confused. i am very good in computers. i got selected in BCA with a very good rank. but friends are doing B.Tech from Pvt. colleges. i am confused whether i should do BCA or (B.tech(CSE)(from pvt.). because some people say that there’s less scope for getting a good job as compared to the B.tech.

    tell me please what should i do..!