BCA Project Topics and Selection Steps


Candidates who are pursuing Bachelor of Computer Applications will have to submit project report as a part of their curriculum. Projects can be done in areas of Embedded Systems, On-demand business transformation, online consumer decision support, etc. Technology selection, Topic Selection, Synopsis Creation, Project Coding, and Project Report Writing are the main steps to be followed while developing a project.

List of Project Topics for Bachelor of Computer Applications

  • A Framework for a Multifaceted Electronic Voting System
  • A Framework for Distributed Key Management Schemes in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A Robust Spanning Tree Topology for Data Collection and Dissemination in Distributed Environments
  • A Statistics Based Design of MAC Protocols with Distributed Collision Resolution for Ad Hoc Networks
  • An Efficient Algorithm for Virtual-Wavelength-Path Routing Minimizing Average Number of Hops
  • Bypassing Vista USA and correctly launching interactive process from a windows service
  • Cognitive science and knowledge agent-based systems
  • Design considerations for computer-telephony application programming interfaces and related components
  • Electronic imagery and visualization frameworks
  • Embedded and real-time systems
  • Generation of Reliable PINs from Fingerprints
  • Human factors in computer systems
  • Incorporating Quality Considerations into Project Time/Cost Tradeoff Analysis and Decision Making
  • Interaction in smart environments
  • Investigating Correlation-Based Fingerprint Authentication Schemes for Mobile Devices Using the J2ME technology
  • IP Spoofing Detection Approach (ISDA) for Network Intrusion Detection System
  • Model Checking of Software Components: Combining Java Pathfinder and Behavior Protocol Model Checker
  • Multimodal and interactive interfaces
  • On the Performance of Ad Hoc Networks with Multiuser Detection
  • On-demand business transformation
  • Online consumer decision support & advertising
  • Physical Implementation and Evaluation of Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols using Unmodified Simulation Models
  • Software robustness for digital society
  • Vehicle Investigation System in JSP
  • Rate Control and Hybrid ARQ
  • Without Load Balancing in MANET: Single Path Routing Vs. Multi Path Routing

Steps for Selection of BCA Project

Step 1: Technology selection

Before selecting a topic, candidates are advised to analyze the latest versions of technologies available and select the feasible one as per their requirements. Some of the well known technologies used in project development are Dot Net, SGL Server, Oracle, PHP and Java.

Step 2: Selection of topic

After selecting the appropriate technology, candidates should decide a specific area of study in which they want to do the project/ create software. It is better to select a topic that fulfills all the criteria mentioned by the University as well as the requirements of industry. Candidates can seek advice from their teachers/ guides.

Step 3: Synopsis Creation

In this step, candidates should learn the technical side of the topic. As a part they have to follow the software development cycle. They should learn the functional and non functional aspects of the project. They are advised to keep the guidelines of University in mind while writing synopsis.

Step 4: Project Coding

Candidates can seek technical help in this step. They have to start the second phase of project development.

Step 5: Project Report

This is the last step, in which candidates are required to create project report. It should contain entire design documents. A good project report can be copied in a Compact Disk as well as a hard bound copy may be taken based on the requirement of the University/Institute.



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