Biotech and its effects on agriculture in the developing world


Biotech and has some of the beneficiary role in the modern society. However looking at the modern trend, the course has special role to play in the agriculture sector and especially in the developing nation.  The farmers of these countries require some of the special kind of seeds that will help to produce effective culture and in the end provide ample sale to their corridor.

The course for this aspects have engaged in various researches in which are they genetically modifying the seeds as well as other plant products to survive for a longer time in unfavorable conditions.  This will thus help the farmers to reduce their lean on the weather or in other case, irrigation. There are also researches that are engaged in creating favorable state of the soil in which the crops are to be grown. For instance by increasing the alkalinity of the soil on which the sugar canes are to be grown the production can be increased to twice folds. Other researches include more production and lesser human effects. The biotech course are also intrusting the farmers to reduce the usage of the fertilizers that are primarily the reason for land and soil pollution.

Thus the course is indeed playing various beneficiary roles when it comes to the agriculture sector. These all aspects are directing towards the evolving aspects of the Biotech course when it comes to agriculture and especially in the developing nations. Therefore the Biotech has special effects in the agriculture sector.



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    hllo sir/mam. im doing my B.Sc biotechnology final year. can you tell me after this which has more scope in india M.Sc biotechnology or M.Sc food biotechnology.

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    I want to do my masters or Ph.D in molecular medicine. What are the options?