Explore the Opportunities Available after B. Tech in Biotechnology


Biotechnology shortly called as Biotech is an interdisciplinary branch of science, which includes not only biology, but other subjects like engineering, chemistry, physics and mathematics as well. It is a combination of different technologies applied jointly to living cells for the production of a specific product or for making improvement on the product. The usage and application of biotechnology is greatly felt in different fields including textile, chemical industry, pharmaceutics, food and even agriculture thereby making it is a fastest growing field. Biotechnology being a scientific research oriented field, the jobs pertaining to this field is normally done in laboratories.

Nowadays, the number of students taking up Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology is increasing due to the good future job prospects offered by this branch and even some students hesitate to take up this branch without knowing its future scope.

To help these students, some information pertaining to the opportunities available for B. Tech Biotechnology graduates is given below:

Areas of application of Biotechnology:

Biotechnology being an interdisciplinary field, candidates with Bachelor of Technology in Biotech will have to work together with people from different fields. Therefore, biotechnology graduates can find job opportunities in a number of fields as given below.

Health care industry: Biotechnology has played a major role in the invention of a number of medicine, diagnostics and vaccines. Biotechnologists have made great contribution to the field of medicine thereby bringing about improvement in medical services. Therefore, health care industry is always in need of biotechnologists.

Research & Development: Since biotechnology plays a crucial role in minimizing industrial waste and pollution, improvement of energy conservation and production, increasing of productivity in industries, biotechnology graduates are employed in the field of research and development by both government and private organizations.

Agriculture and animal husbandry: India being a country with great dependency on agriculture, biotechnologists are bringing about great development in the field of agriculture as well. Through the efforts made by biotechnologies, agricultural production has improved in the nation owing to development of quality fertilizers and insecticides and improvement in the quality of seeds. Agriculture industry in the nation is able to solve problems like crop diseases, genetic breeding and soil imbalances because of latest technologies like tissue culture and micro propagation, which were brought about due to the efforts of biotechnologists. When it comes to the role of biotechnology in animal husbandry, great improvement has been brought about in animal breeding thereby increasing dairy production. Moreover, the nation is also turning out to be the largest milk producer in the world due to the efforts of biotechnologists. Therefore, agriculture and animal husbandry fields offer the best opportunities for biotechnology graduates.

Environment: These days, environmental pollution is turning out to be a biggest problem for many countries and lots of efforts are being made by governments for protection of environment. Role of biotechnologists in this area is used for recycling of sewage sludge, treatment of industrial waste and checking of industrial air pollution levels.

Career Prospects after B. Tech in Biotechnology:

Since biotechnology is being used in a wide range of fields, candidates with B. Tech Biotechnology can enjoy great job prospects. These candidates can find job placements in the following industries:


Chemical industry

Bio-processing industry

Agriculture & animal husbandry

Health care

Apart from these career options, candidates looking for higher education options after completion of their B. Tech in Biotechnology course can go for the following courses:

Higher education after B. Tech in Biotech:

Master of Technology in Biotechnology

Master of Engineering

Master of Science in

o Biotechnology

o Clinical research

o Agricultural Biotechnology

o Animal Biotechnology

o Medical Biotechnology

o Marine Biotechnology

To sum up, these higher education and employment opportunities offered by B. Tech in Biotechnology course, candidates can take up the course without any hesitation since there are huge number of offers are available from top level companies.



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    Dr A. K. Singh:

    After getting degree of b.tech (bio tech) may I get admitted i n Master of science in Bio technology or Medical bio technology, If so, Where? in India or abroad & How?