IGNOU M.Sc in Dietetics-Advance Nutrition Papers


One of the most established autonomous based Universities in India; IGNOU offers lots of courses in the distance learning pattern. And if you had always wanted to do M.Sc, but could not, then this place would be it. An array of papers would be there to welcome you with different difficulty levels and what would you need the most is in-out knowledge of how the questions would be framed or rather the paper pattern! For Dietetics and Advance Nutrition paper, you can expect a total of 8 questions framed from the entire course.

No Modular Division In The Paper

There are no sections or division in the paper, just main question running across the length of the paper.

Outline of the paper

The paper carries a maximum of eight main questions, with the first main question sub-divided into two parts, the first carrying five sub-parts, and the second carrying ten sub-parts. The second and third main question carries two sub-questions. The fourth and the seventh main question carry a maximum of three sub-questions.

The fifth, sixth and the eighth main question carries five sub-parts. However candidates have to attempt any four of the five sub-questions. Furthermore, there are no internal options offered in the exam, and candidates have to attempt all of the sub-question within each of the main question in the paper. The first main question is compulsory to attempt and candidates have to attempt any four from the remaining seven.

Division Of Marks

The total Marks of the paper is one hundred marks and each of the main question carries a maximum of twenty marks.

Maximum Time Allotted

The maximum time allotted for the exam is three hours.

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    sarbani jana:

    Hi, I have Bsc, with botany , Zoology, chemistry, Am I able to admission in Msc in nutrition in IGNOU. ?

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    i have done BSC with (Botany,zoology,chemistry, iv paper is clinical pathology ) from ousmania university.
    can u suggest me how can i pursue dietition course pls

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    I have done B.A (hons) mathematics and MCA . Can you please suggest me how can i pursue the courseof a dietician or a nutrioinist???