B.Sc. in Dietetics


The discipline of dietetics majorly concentrates on the study of food material as it is directly or indirectly related to proper health. Dietetics is a multi-disciplinary branch of medical science which converges or combines science, business and food related studies into an educational program that aims and provides with a background to reckon with in health, food and management. B.Sc. in Dietetics is a course in the graduate level of studies.

Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics helps in strengthening the knowledge and skill sets in nutritional matters and food habits. This course helps students in obtaining training in health care units such as hospitals, clinical and community nutrition in close proximity of doctors, dieticians and clinicians. This is a rather untraded field with ever increasing demand in today’s date. The priority shift from taste to health is the primary reason behind this trend.

In order to pursue B.Sc. in Dietetics, interested students must have at least passed their HSC with 60% or more aggregate marks.

The course of B.Sc. in Dietetics is a three year long course where each year is further divided into two semesters each. The duration of the aforementioned course may be extended under special circumstances.

Job opportunities for students with the priced degree of B.Sc. in Dietetics are on the verge of an unprecedented rise in the national as well as the global scenario and standards. Due to the growth of the hospital and health industry, in particular, the availability of jobs in this field is also growing which is a very positive sign for upcoming dieticians and clinicians. In simple words, dieticians are urgently needed!!

Best places to pursue:

Annamalai University, Chennai

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Jadavpur University, Kolkata



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    is jnu delhi is a good college to persue dietics course.
    is there any entrance exam?

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    i want to know more about this
    and different types in b.sc.