Tamil Nadu Board Higher Secondary Nutrition and Dietetics Papers


Tamil Nadu Board Higher Secondary was started to impart the primary education in different regions of this state. Nutrition and Dietetics Papers is one of the papers that are included in the higher secondary examination.

Paper Description:

Nutrition and Dietetics Papers basically deals with the knowledge about the different nutrients and its related complications. This paper also provides the information about balanced diets and diabetes.

Paper Pattern:

The complete questions in the paper, Tamil Nadu Board Higher Secondary Nutrition and Dietetics Papers are divided in four different groups A, B, C and D respectively. First one deals with a total of 50 marks and each question carries equal marks. This section includes questions of short and multiple types. The next group deals with 50 marks and the answers should not be exceeds above 30 words. The full marks allotted in the third group are 30 and one of the questions in this group is compulsory to attempt and is given on the question paper. The last one includes a total of 40 marks and all the questions in this group contain equal marks. There are options available for the candidates in the last three sections.

Frequently asked questions:

The regular questions under Nutrition and Dietetics Papers that are repeatedly asked in the examination are planning a nutrition diet, common nutrient related problems, functions of kidney, different complications of diabetes etc. There also some of the questions that are not alternatively asked in this paper are symptoms of hepatitis, physiological changes in old age, Benedict’s test etc.

Total time and marks allotted:

The full marks allotted against this paper are 150 and the total time span given to attempt all the question is three hours.

Books Recommended:

  • Nutrition and Dietetics for Health Care, Book, 2002, by Barker
  • Nutrition and Dietetics, by Arti Bhatia
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