Career after M.Sc in Zoology


M.Sc in Zoology is a 2 year post graduate academic degree programme which focuses on the studies relating to animals. It mainly includes the study regarding the structure, evolution, embryology, taxonomy, behavior, and distribution of living and extinct animals. The candidates those who have done with their B.Sc programme can choose this master’s course which opens up wide scope of securing a rewarding career.

Career in private sector after M.Sc in Zoology

The career opportunities which an M.Sc in Zology graduates can look forward is limitless. There are numerous private sector firms in the country which provides huge scope for these graduates. Various chemical as well as pharmaceutical companies recruit M.Sc Zoology graduates. The demand for these graduates is increasing day by day due to the faster growth of the industries. The various jobs to which the aspirants can get into are listed below.

  • Biological Laboratory Technician
  • Conservationist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Herpetologist
  • Veterinary Technologist
  • Wildlife Educator
  • Wildlife Rehabilitator
  • Zookeeper
  • Zoologist

Some other employment areas which also provide huge openings for the M.Sc Zoology candidates are medical laboratories, wildlife rehabilitation centres, hatcheries, agricultural departments, museum services, conservation agencies, scientific civil services, media, environmental or ecosystem management sector, environmental consulting firms, and so on. The candidates who clear the NET exam also can enter into the field of teaching. This is known as one of the most respectable professions. In addition to all these, there are numerous research institutes in the country where the graduates can enter into the post of junior research assistant. The genetic and microbiological research areas of zoology also provide vast scope for the M.Sc Zoology aspirants.

Career in government sector after M.Sc in Zoology

Since Zoology is a vast field of Life Science, the job opportunities in government sector are also enormous as that in the private sector. Various government departments such as the UPSC, SSC, state PSC, etc conducts examination for recruitment of the candidates. One can attend these tests and those clearing this highly competitive exam can look for jobs in various governmental organizations. Many opportunities are available in forensic science department also. Those having interest in research field can look out for a suitable opening in various research organizations such as BARC, ISRO, etc. Not only this, there are many other companies which provides good jobs to the M.Sc degree holders.

Career abroad after M.Sc in Zoology

Apart from India, there are also wide career opportunities for the M.Sc in Zoology candidates in many foreign countries. Various reputed firms abroad recruits fresher’s to suitable job profiles. The reason behind the interest of candidates in securing a job in these abroad firms is that the remunerations offered will be much higher than that in India.



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    which is better ms zoology or msc in foodtechnology

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    Hi i wanted to check that my sister is going to finish her MSC in zoology next yr.what r d options for her to get into the hospital jobs or in doctors field

    or she can do some course like MBBS but not for 5 yrs
    is there any course she can do to became a doctor.


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    i have done my msc in zoology now iam doing mphl and want to do research which subject is batte nargis r:

    i have completed my Msc. in zoology now iam doing mphl which field i should research please give me guideline.

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    what are the jobs in research centre ? what are the now vaccancies ?

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    what are the scopes after msc. with zoology without doing phd.??

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    farhath matheen:

    write now im doing 1st msc,can i get any research related job immediately after the completion of msc course.i also have idea of doing part time reaseach job .

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    ravi kant:

    how many job after M.Sc in Zoology”

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    I complete in botany and now my interes in zooloy can i do zoology????

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    subhasish Adhikary:

    career scope and salary

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    Salma Jabeen:

    i have recently completed my B. Sc in Biotechnology from Bangalore University ,in B. Sc biotech we had Zoology, Chemistry And Biotech subjects.I’m totally confused which Subject i have to select for M .Sc for my career which subject is more scope and for future in both public and private sectors, Please help and suggest me for my better future.God will really bless them who help a poor village girl.