CBSE 2010 Class Xllth English Core Sample Papers


Guys, never ever take English examination for granted, it’s a subject which can really harm you aggregate percentage. No matter how well you do in physics, chemistry or mathematics, you have to perform equally well in English also to get good marks in the board examinations. With the increasing level of competition, even a slight mistake can prove fatal. Take it like this, when hindi is your mother tongue, you still have to give quite some time to it, English is not your mother tongue so you have to take it seriously. Good luck, all the best and prepare well.

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CBSE Syllabus Class 12 for 2010 : English Core

English Core : CBSE syllabus class 12 for March 2010 examinations.


English Core

One Paper 3 Hours Marks: 100

Reading unseen Passages and Note-making 20 Marks 40 Periods

Two unseen passages with a variety of questions including 03 marks for vocabulary such as word formation and inferring meaning and 05 marks for note-making. The total length of the two passages will be between 950-1200 words. The passages will include two of the following:
(a) Factual Passages e.g. instructions, descriptions, reports.
(b) Discursive passage involving opinion e.g. argumentative, persuasive or interpretative text.
(c) Literary passage e.g. extract from fiction, drama, poetry, essay or biography
1. A passage to test reading comprehension. The passage can be literary, factual or discursive. The length of the passage should be between 600-700 words. 12 Marks
2. A shorter passage of 350-500 words for note-making and abstraction. 08 Marks


Advanced Writing Skills 35 Marks 70 Periods

1. One out of two short compositions of not more than 50 words each e.g. advertisement and notices, designing or drafting posters, writing formal and informal invitations and replies. 5 Marks
2. A report or a factual description based on verbal input provided (one out of two) (100-125 words) 10 Marks
3. Writing one out of two letters based on verbal input. 10 Marks
Letter types include:
(a) business or official letters (for making enquiries, registering complaints, asking for and giving information, placing orders and sending replies):
(b) letters to the editor (giving suggestions on an issue)
(c) application for a job
4. One out of two compositions based on visual and/or verbal input (150-200 words). Output may be descriptive or argumentative in nature such as an article, or a speech. 10 Marks

Text Books 45 Marks 100 Periods

Prescribed Books:
Flemingo 30 Marks
1. One out of two extracts based on poetry from the text to test comprehension and appreciation 04 Marks
2. Three out of four short questions from the poetry section to test local and global comprehension of text. 06 Marks
3. Five short answer questions based on the lessons from prescribed text. (2×5) 10 Marks
4. One out of two long answer type questions based on the text to test global comprehension and extrapolation beyond the set text. (Expected word limit about 125-150 words each) 10 Marks

VISTAS : Supplementary Reader 15 Marks
1. One out of two long answer type question based on Supplementary Reader to test comprehension and extrapolation of theme, character and incidents (Expected word limit about 125-150 words) 07 Marks
2. Four short answer questions from the Supplementary Reader (2×4) 8 Marks

Prescribed Books
1. Flamingo : English Reader published by National Council of Education Research and Training, New Delhi.
2. VISTAS : Supplementary Reader published by National Council of Education Research and Training, New Delhi.



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    anurag kumar:

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    kamal dhar:

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    neha behl:

    sir plz tell me how to write note making and abstraction in section-A IN 8 MARKS comprehension plz give me reply as soon as possible it may be today plz

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    hi sir ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,am a student of class 12th . sir i don’t knot how to write note making and i want some technique to study the textual part.sir plz give me reply as soon as possible before 10th of this month.thankyou

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    sir we can’t get the answers of unsolved sample paper of english cbse board……

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    can any one please help me by telling me the technique of note making!!!!!!

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    when we studing at night we never be concentate on studies beco’z mind goes to sex releated matters. plzzzzzzzzzz give me its cure plzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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    how can we get maximum marks in english?? what is the way to prepare for english?? ASAP

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    shubham verma:

    i want all details about all sample papers of graduation

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    pls help

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    akansha mahajan:

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