CBSE Class Xllth Biotechnology Papers


Biotechnology is one of the emerging fields and is certainly among the fastest growing fields as far as world scenario is concerned. Biotechnology is a subject based on biology which is broadly the study of using technology in the field of biology. Most of the times biotechnology is also referred to as genetic engineering but it is not the case, both are different fields but are closely related. Given below is the detailed syllabus and sample paper of biotechnology.

CBSE Class XII biotechnology paper is of 70 marks. The remaining 30 marks are added from the practical examination of the candidates. The question paper is divided in to three sections. Each section has different kinds of questions. The first section has one line answer questions. These questions are quite easy and are asked from the entire syllabus. These questions are of 1 mark each. The second section is of 3 to 4 marks each, and has short descriptive kind of questions. The last and final section has questions which are of 6 marks each. The last and the second section have choices in them. The first section is a compulsory y section, and the candidates are meant to answer all the questions.

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Recommended Books:

1. A Textbook of Biotechnology-Class XI: published by CBSE, New Delhi.
2. A Laboratory Mannual of Biotechnology-Class XI:published by CBSE, New
3. A Textbook of Biotechnology-Class XII: published by CBSE, New Delhi
4. A Laboratory Mannual of Biotechnology-ClassXII: published by CBSE, New



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