Chemist - How to become a Chemist?


Those who are involved in exploring and analyzing new information on chemicals are referred as Chemist. These experts in chemistry look at new methods and ways to use the same. The innovative approach in chemistry helps in the development of new products and in the improved use of drugs and medicines. The contribution of chemist is necessary in almost all walks of life. To get in to the role of chemist, one must possess strong academic know how and skills in research setting.

Research can be subdivided into basic and applied one. In basic research, the elemental properties of chemicals such as structure, composition, reactions, etc are examined where as in applied research information from basic research is to have new developments.

Qualifying Exam

The aspirant has to pass the bachelors degree in chemistry as the basic qualification to get in to the program. Those with higher degree qualifications such as M .Sc or PhD holders are much preferred for the post of the same. The candidate has to get through certain competitive exams carried out by the recruiting firm to get in to the role of chemist.

Who are eligible to apply?

The candidates who possess graduation or post graduation in Chemistry are eligible to apply to the post. To pursue graduation in Chemistry, they should have completed HSC course in Science. Work experience in the role of trainee in Chemical labs or related firms helps one to get in to the post of the same with out effort.

Key elements in the process

  • Pursue HSC course with Science as the main topic of study.
  • Obtain graduation or post graduation in Chemistry
  • Obtain experience through internship or by entering a trainee level job
  • Search and apply to the post of Chemist in any of the reputed organization

Skills required for the post of Chemist

The career in the role of a chemist depends on the interest of the candidate. Qualities such as curiosity, ability to explore and analyze things are also preferred in a Chemist. The aspirant should possess good communication skills and ability to work as part of a team. Leadership qualities and the ability to focus on detail are also essential for those who engage in this type of profession.



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