Difference between a School and an Academy


The terms ‘School’ and ‘Academy’ are related and confusing ones. Both of them are places of providing formal education to aspirants. The formal education of one does not end with schools if the candidate pursues higher study programs. However, school education acts as the base for further education of the student. The same has a major role in molding the character and the knowledge of the student. Academy also provides formal education to students and is driven by a body of like-minded professionals. As there exist slight differences between School and Academy parents are often confused in selecting the same.


Schools are usually known as the second home of the student. The schools play a relevant role in improving the personality and knowledge of the students. This is mainly because school education starts from the formative years of the child and that he uses in the rest of the life. Today elementary education is made compulsory all over the country. It follows a set pattern through which the student passes through primary to secondary levels. After completing school education, students can opt for higher education in their area of interest.


In India, Academies are found less in number when compared to schools. In certain countries like England, both Schools and academies offer formal education much in the same manner. Today England has got around 650 academies in the country. Central government offers the financial support to academies. The same also receive funds from sponsors, as it stands independent in the program of study. Some academies admit students from secondary level only where as some offer education from the school level itself. In most of the countries academy stands as body of like minded professionals such as scientists, engineers etc

Key differences between a School and an Academy

School stands as a system that offers formal education to aspirants. The same is made compulsory all over the world. Academy represents a body of similar professionals across the world.

Central government and other private sponsors offer the financial support for Academies in England. However, the funds required for schools are provided by Central or state government.



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